The purpose of this post is to introduce the two main types of activity happening at Pollination 2019. Pollination is best thought of as the start to a longer-term process of forming mutually nourishing relationships among types of organizations and social movements that aren’t yet collaborating with each other. As we face climate change and the need for massive systems transformation, our goal at Pollination is to support people in working together across silos so we can build more capacity for regenerative ways of being together on this planet.

Pollination Labs

Pollination Labs is a program we are prototyping with 40 participants at Pollination this year. It’s like a hackathon or design sprint, where you’ll be collaborating with types of people you normally wouldn’t run into in your day-to-day work life.

In this track, you’ll engage in participatory design teams that work on real innovation needs among regenerative development communities. So far we have defined the following two focus areas for the Pollination Labs: Collaborating Across Organizations, and a more open inquiry: Surfacing the Needs of the Regenerative Cultures Community as a Whole.

Each team will be approximately seven people, supported by a facilitator, a pattern observer, and an artist who will help capture insights and communicate outcomes.

If you register in this track, you’ll remain with your design team during each of the two-hour blocks during the day. That will give you enough time to get to know each other, reach a level of depth with the issues at hand, and conclude with a prototype, or with having identified an existing initiative(s) that could address the issue well if adequately resourced.

Outcomes will be supported in the year following Pollination by a set of organizations who have stepped up to anchor development processes for issues that are aligned with their goals. Outcomes will include:

a) prototypes that can be applied immediately after the conference
b) partnerships
c) business ideas to be incubated post Pollination
d) coalitions
e) insights
f) magic will happen here!

Even more important than innovating on the topics themselves, we aim to give people an opportunity to be in a generative mindset and experience that together.

We have designed this program to support the level of collaboration that is necessary for this time of rapid transition, and to cross-pollinate resources and capacities across industries and silos that together have the ability to create healthier, more equitable human systems. This whole process will be documented and made available to other conferences, and our design team will available to help with implementation.

Mansi Kakkar is the primary architect of this program, bringing her experience of working on innovation design labs around with the world with MIT’s D-Lab, Stanford, and the Social Innovation Collective which she founded to focus on development led by communities on the ground, from their own frameworks and understandings.


200+ people at Pollination will be participating in what is most easily described as an unconference. Pollination has few one-to-many type presentations. Every registrant receives an invitation via email to propose and request trainings, case studies, brain trusts, and artistic offerings. We will complete the first set of curating July 23, and leave a set of spots open for the final wave of registrants. Your creativity and desires will drive what happens here!

During the unconference sessions of Pollination, you’ll be able to choose from sophisticated coordination workshops such as: a benchmarking session to gather and document best practices among the different aspects of regenerative cultures. These will be documented and distributed to all participants to use in our companies and networks, to deepen our regenerative practice and effectiveness.

Another session you might find yourself in is a skillshare on metrics frameworks that help you demonstrate the value of regenerative enterprise, by measuring types of social, community, and health outcomes.

A company could ask for a braintrust on a specific program they are developing, or a problem they are stuck on. They can make a call for types of experts they wouldn’t normally find inside of their industry or movement, such as a data analyst, a carbon credits specialist, an engineer, or an artist who is active in the urban gardens movement. Again, this is the kind of cross-pollination of wisdom and resources we are potentiating with this gathering. Novel collisions and brave creative ideas are welcome here. There will be more chill workshops too, like mindfulness tools for leaders. If you want, you can hang out in the cinema space’s squish nest and just relax all weekend.

Lastly, you will have the opportunity to post needs and partnerships you’re looking for on a large display at Pollination, for one-on-one matchmaking sessions. This should accelerate our connected capacity. In some ways Pollination is like a big embodied collective intelligence experiment and playspace!

Eight Forms of Capital, by AppleSeed Permaculture

We Invite You to Create This Honeycomb Playground

We invite *you* to bring your ideas, your queries, your generosity and wisdom.

Everyone will be supported throughout the conference with comfortable lounge spaces, inspiring visionary art, and delicious food and beverages to uplift your spirit and sooth your body.

If there’s anything in common among the people coming so far, they are brilliant, passionate, and creative. We are working at emergent edges of what enterprise is and how regenerative communities can be valued and strengthened. We hope you’ll join us to learn and contribute!