By Tom Atlee, Co-Intelligence Institute

3 20-minute rounds of World Cafe dialogue. We’ll explore the question ‘What are the most creative, life-affirming things you can imagine being done regarding the growing migration crisis?’ When thinking about this, keep in mind migration’s many causes, its many impacts, and any positive possibilities you can imagine, as well as the experience of the migrants themselves.”

After these rounds, we will do a special process to quickly and easily find the best prioritization of action, given the knowledge we gathered together during our dialogues. This process is called “35.” Participants will have 5 minutes in silence to write on a 3×5 card their short answer to the question ”What could be done with the with the challenge of mass migration that would advance the development of regenerative culture?” That is followed by five rounds of rapid card-trading and one-minute deliberations in pairs (two people divide up 7 voting points between their two cards), and then finally we publicly harvest the top vote-getting actions.

We have the possibility to publish everything that is written on the cards, and to share this process to more people to do in short or as a much deeper 2-day deliberative process, to help humanity through this transition as well as to help those of us in stable places to filter through how to make a difference. If you know of resources with great research about migration and what communities and institutions are gathering best practices and possible plans, please send those to and we will add them to Pollination’s research and outcomes that will be published after the event.