by Meg Rivers, Bloom Columbia, Missouri

I find it difficult to put into words what Bloom Network means to me, and why I continue to donate my time, money and effort to this organization.  It has meant so many things.

I believe in evolution, in the sense that I see how all beings grow and change in response to their environment.  Our lives carry a spark from the first life, we are enduring flames which have persevered from Earth’s earliest moments into this present moment today.  We have succeeded in dominating this planet and are some of its most populous beings in terms of the changes we effect. We are able to create new ideas, direct the evolution of Earth’s life forms, and shape the planet to meet our needs.

Much as apes are spontaneously learning to make tools, populations in humanity give rise to ideas that represent an evolution of the human psyche.  Each day the 7.53 billion of us and counting are contributing to a future ecosphere, the place where our children’s children will play, creating fields of biohazard waste, seas of polypropylene, sharp obstacles for the feet of the future, and poisoning the watersheds.  We have the ability to consciously direct what our biosphere becomes, and through the mire of “what have we always done” is emerging a collective vision of what we instead have to do.  

The members of Bloom network, across cultures, languages and continents, share a unity of purpose and an understanding of the urgency to create a future that sustains coming generations.  Protecting our watersheds is paramount to continuing life in the biosphere, retarding the spread of plastic is imperative to the health of our marine life, respecting and fostering Earth’s lifeforms means they can also evolve and someday tell a story to enrich our limited understanding.  We don’t know what life’s purpose is – but we do know that it cannot exist in its current state if we fundamentally alter the chemical structure of Earth’s watersheds, oceans and lands.

The main crisis of Earth’s humanity is one of philosophy, and Bloom offers a path to an evolution of the mind.  Indigenous cultures who grew from land they still inhabit offer perspectives of harmony with the environment that we have lost in our world of global migration.  With their guidance, we support and foster groups around the world that represent and protect the watersheds, educate communities in ways that give back to Earth, and move away philosophically from believing that “the way we have always done it” is the only way we can live.  Humanity’s spark of life thrived for billions of years before plastic, before coal, and can return to lifestyles that foster a healthy biosphere, through innovation in technology and deep societal understanding of interconnected global systems.  

Bloom Network is my proof this cleaner world exists, I am a part of it.  We create permanent hubs of culture that value the future of all life on Earth.  Those hubs influence education, promote innovation, and create safe spaces in a world that suffers, from the widespread trauma of using resources for the good of a few and to the detriment of many.  Humanity has evolved and I believe Bloom Network has the power to draw in others who share this vision of a managed biosphere. It reminds me how many of us have always been working to get there, working to find the minds ready to learn.

Meg Rivers is a co-founder of Bloom Network and works as a senior consultant for Onix Networking. She is also a painter, sculptor, musician, writer, and mother. Cover image is her collage, Heart Falls.