by Anthony Sirios West


In this talk and the following discussion, I will discuss the potential of emerging technology from a decolonized and pre-imperialist perspective.

– What happens when the desire for power, prestige, and the pursuit of capitalism is removed and these technologies can be truly used for their natural and inevitable purpose?

– The spirit in the machine is inevitability moving us towards a decentralized and sovereign
existence…will we resist it? Or can we set aside our culturally embedded ideology of extraction and use the knowledge of our sovereign ancestors to push humanity towards a golden age of cultural and technological advancement?

To do this we must listen to the internal remnants of our ancestral voices and awaken the knowledge that lays dormant inside all of us. We all crave to be the creators of our own destiny. It is time now for us to work with the technology that creation and spirit is offering us and build a better future for ourselves and the next seven generations.

I will present in depth, the potentials for truly decentralized social media and value exchange systems. As well as the potential of XR technologies to share and transfer information in a truly holographic mode – closer to humanities native cognition. I will explain how these technologies can be used to enhance learning and understanding as well as expand the bandwidth with which information can be shared with one another.

The Objectives of this presentation are to:

● Present an alternative viewpoint on the use of emerging tech for crafting cultural mythology
● Explain the concept of Tech Animism and the importance of maintaining a spiritual relationship with technology
● Bring awareness to the cultural viewpoints underlying indigenous information and governance systems
● Explain how we can merge the realms of indigenous culture and emerging technology to
empower individual and cultural sovereignty
● Raise awareness around the systematic destruction of indigenous cultures and why it is so
important to empower them before they are lost