Community Team

Magenta, Executive Creative Officer (ECO)

Magenta is a co-founder of Bloom Network. For fifteen years, she has been producing events and facilitating coalition building to support resource sharing across movements and sectors. She helped design the decentralized leadership and regenerative business model for Bloom. She is the backend engineer for the network, connecting together different tools and methodologies to straddle digital to physical, led by local leaders on the ground.

Magenta trained for three years with Radical Women which trains women to be leaders social movements. She has also served as editor and curator for Aorta Magazine, featuring queer, transgender, feminist artists. Other interests include machine intelligence and mushrooms.

Hannah Mitchell, Community Lead

Hannah Mitchell is the Community Support Lead for Bloom Network, helping coordinate our growing online community focussed on regeneration activities in local areas. She has gathered her experience from living and working in 5 different cities in 4 countries (Auckland (NZ), Dublin (Ireland), Edinburgh (Scotland), Sydney (Australia) and Whangarei (NZ).

Hannah loves community building, and has been part of working with deliberative democracy and community participation in lots of different ways. Hannah is passionate about children and their use of public space. She advocates for better city design that allows children to be independent from private transport and have better access to wild spaces.

Hannah was New Zealand’s first “Child Friendly Cities” Coordinator, which works to bring UNICEF’s Convention on the Rights of the Child to life at a city level. The Child-Friendly framework can be used to design cities where people of all ages thrive. During this role she helped her city of Whangarei become New Zealand’s first official signatory on the Child-Friendly journey. Along with this work Hannah has a deep interest in working with the original aspirations of New Zealand’s founding document Te Tiriti o Waitangi / The Treaty of Waitangi. The envisioned leadership was a is 50:50 – Maori:Pakeha (non-Maori) governing model, which has never been enacted. You can read more about Hannah’s thoughts on Child Friendly Cities at

Hannah is also an artist, focusing on fabric/textile art. This art work is in the style of an ever-evolving nature temple installation, with the art pieces designed to hang in a forest, creating an art piece that is a walk-through experience. Key elements in Hannah’s work are: a feminine space where men are welcome, the use of traditional sewing techniques, connecting with ancestors, the use of ‘doorways’ to drop into space, environmentally sustainable sourcing of fabric, a quiet, reflective space for individual contemplation, areas within the space for group work and private healing sessions. You can see video and pictures of Hannah’s art at

Pollination Production

Ric Victores
Ric Victores is an events producer and entrepreneur with years of experience working at the cross sections of festival culture, entrepreneurship, community development, and technology. He is the founder of ImagineX Productions, a full-scale event planning firm that works with entrepreneurs, artists, and visionaries to turn their ideas into interactive experiences that inspire people to do good for the planet. Currently residing in San Francisco, and producing events all around the United States and in Central America, Ric is currently developing event and experience design models that can be used to positively impact communities and organizations around the world.
Kristin Johansen
Head of Growth and Client Success

Kristin is a communications specialist and event producer focused on regenerative, transformative event design and planning. After an advertising internship at Rolling Stone kicked off her love of event promo, she graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing. She began her career in Global Research & Analytics at PR agency FleishmanHillard NYC and eventually moved to California to work in Strategic Planning at SF advertising firm Camp + King (AdAge Small Agency of the Year), working for clients like L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Monsanto, Verizon and Pfizer along the way. After a series of transformative experiences motivated her to walk a different path and apply her skills to facilitate transformative events instead of feeding into the profitability machine of major corporations, she became a fully remote independent freelancer and founded Merkaba Agency, Inc. She works with organizations around the world to plan, produce, and market festivals, conferences, retreats/workshops, benefit galas/fundraising events and performances. Kristin is on a mission to serve as a connective force for the regenerative culture movement.

Alexis Van Meeteren

With a career spanning over a decade in the travel industry and event production, Alexis Van Meeteren has found her passion in organizing events and activities that support positive environmental and social change while also providing a container for people to explore their passions and purpose. She is passionate about permaculture based farming and earth stewardship, and loves producing events, summits, and festivals that help to educate people on this and regenerative culture as a whole.

Alexis has a luxury hotel background that has given her a sharp eye in the detail needed to provide an experience that caters to every desired need. With her transition from hotels to curating impactful events and experiences through her event production company, AVM Events & Retreats, she has had the opportunity to partner with a multitude of high-end brands and corporate clients, bringing fresh and creative designs to their events.

She started to hear a calling for her work to serve a greater purpose, and with farming in her blood, she was driven to further explore an interest she always had- permaculture design. After completing her Permaculture Design Course, she had the breath of a re-envisioned purpose and mission fill her. Upon learning more about the severity of the critical state our planet is in, along with some solutions, she was compelled to share and spread this knowledge to help restore the Earth’s natural cycles and do her part in pushing for positive change.

With this new mission, Alexis is very excited to partner with Bloom Network and help plan their inaugural Pollination summit.

Alisha Morton
Producer at Sounds True Recordings

Pollination Labs Design Team

Mansi Kakkar
Founder, Social Innovation Collective

Mansi is a community weaver and systempreneur. She brings a rich background with cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary experience of over 10 yrs including 6 years of working in social impact with innovation labs all over the world including – China, Japan, Australia, Chile, Peru, Cyprus, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, USA, India, UAE, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan. Through her consulting practice, she has built capacity in organizations like Facebook, Salesforce, Wells Fargo, Accenture, Box, Microsoft, Sutter Health, Kaiser Permanente and also at the grassroots for refugees from South Sudan in rural Kenya and with silk weavers in cow sheds in rural Thailand. She currently has ongoing impact strategy projects with the MIT, UN Mandated UPEACE, USAID, Engineers without Borders, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Ashoka Changemakers and Fellows, Acumen, and also community organizations like BK Foundation, Impact Hub and Gooddler Foundation. Mansi is also an educator at Stanford University and leads curriculum design and delivery on social innovation for SPCS as well as for General Assembly where she trains professionals from all over Silicon Valley. She is also a judge for the annual Evolutionary Future Challenge that identifies and incubates ideas that address complex, systemic issues in ways that involve intentional redesigning of worldviews, cultures, and institutions.

Mansi has in her toolbox – Experiential learning journey design and facilitation for mindset-shifts, Human Centered Design/Design Thinking, Behavioural Economics, Regenerative Design, Circular Design, and Systems Thinking.

Personal Site | Medium

Manuel Maqueda

Founder, SUPER (Single Use Plastic Elimination or Reduction)

I am a teacher, writer, entrepreneur, coach, and consultant. Through my work I seek a quantum leap for a just, wise, life-nurturing, and ardent society.

I love helping other visionaries, innovators, and entrepreneurs make the world a better place -embracing a holistic definition of success that encompasses the entire web of life.

I started my first company in California in 1998 and I have a strong background as an entrepreneur and innovator, a serial NGO founder, and a transformative organizational consultant. I have helped numerous organizations launch, raise money, pivot, build strong value propositions, and find their own path to success.

I hold a Master’s degree in Economics, and a Law Degree. I teach Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Berkeley, and at other international business schools, including some rated in the top 3 in the world. I am a certified Executive Coach, a member of Social Venture Network, a founding member of the Bay Area Wellbeing in Business Lab, and a mentor for The Venture, a global social business competition awarding 1 million dollars every year.

I am the Founder and CEO of KumuThrive, a San Francisco Bay Area capacity-building firm, and of its nonprofit arm, Kumu. In addition I am the founder of other NGO’s, including Plastic Pollution Coalition, Plastic Kills and Midway Journey.

I am also the author of the forthcoming book The Meaning Economy, about how meaning is transforming the economy, and our future.

Kristian Simsarian

Founder, Collective Creativity

Kristian Simsarian is an award-winning designer and leader. He is an expert in technology, education, and innovation. As an executive leader at the design innovation firm IDEO, he led the creation of the digital design practice which helped fuel the growth of IDEO into the largest design-led innovation consultancy in the world.

He has a Ph.D. in human-robot collaboration, an exploration of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and applied ethnography. At age 25, an international committee of scientists selected Kristian as one of a dozen NATO distinguished fellows in robotics. In the 1990’s because the money for AI and robotics was coming from the military, Kristian moved to IDEO in 2000, a firm known foregrounding human-centeredness and declining military work.

As a consultant, Kristian has worked with just about every type of organization, from Microsoft to the NIH, to P&G to The Institute for the Future to Greater Good Science Center along with several universities and startups. From this work, he holds several patents and design awards and his work has appeared in NYT, Business Week, Huffington Post, along with several best-selling business books on innovation.

He is the founding chair of two innovative STEaM academic design programs and was part of the founding faculty team at Stanford’s d.School. His students are developing next-generation design leaders in the Silicon Valley and beyond with increasingly senior positions at Google, Facebook, IDEO, Apple, Amazon along with the next purpose-driven startups to impact our lives. In order to scale these valuable learnings he partnered with Don Norman to create an Introduction to Design on Udacity that had over 100,000 enrolled students.

His quest for a spiritually integrated life has brought him to a cave ashram in the Himalayas, a forest monastery in Thailand and several other places one might not expect to find an Ivy-league robot technologist and designer. He has cultivated a 25-year yoga practice where he strives to comfortably touch his toes.

Recently he founded a new consultancy, Collective Creativity, dedicated to using technology and design-driven innovation to help amplify the effects of purpose-driven organizations who are working on pressing complex social challenges. He does this through systems-level transformation, regenerative mindset and by increasing the overlap of wisdom and technological innovation. Ultimately, he is committed to augmenting our collective human and social capacities to increase global creativity, justice, and democracy. He lives with his wife and daughter in a finally fixed up Victorian in San Francisco.

Creative Contributors

Jessica Perlstein

Jessica Perlstein is a visionary painter and digital artist who designed the beautiful flowers you see throughout this site, as well as the header graphic on the main Bloom Network website that depicts a futuristic version of San Francisco. It’s an illustration for the film of The Fifth Sacred Thing, a book by Starhawk.

Darpan Kalyani

Darpan Kalyani is a visionary landscape architect who designed the exhibition booths for the full version of Pollination to happen in 2020. Hexagon-shaped booths with lattice honeycomb walls will form this play space for inspiration and innovation.


Maya Zuckerman

Maya is a Regenerative Entrepreneur, multiplatform expert, Culture Hacker and emerging technology aficionado who applies the power of narrative, technology, and regenerative design to world-changing ideas.

She holds a wealth of experience from different media and technology silos.

  • TransTech 2018 - Ethics in AI/AS

  • Futures Festival 2018 - Stories of Existential Hope

  • Esalen Collective Impact - Burning Man - Web of   Positive Impact

  • Nexus Global 2018 - Regenerative Design

  • Storyworld 2018 - The Regenerative Narrative

  • Conscious Media Festival -  The Collective  Journey - Opening Keynote - Mar 2017

  • HardwareCon - Smart Cities - Mar 2017

  • • PR SUMMIT 2016 - Brand Narrative


Brandon Ancier

Head of Growth, Rockbot

I am dedicated to sharing technology with organizations and communities across the globe. Bringing smiles and laughs to collaborators along the journey helps keep projects positive. I love applying lean business strategy, data driven decision making and creative approaches to marketing/growth.

Wisdom Council

Meg Rivers
Senior Consultant, Onix Networking

Meg Rivers is a software trainer and instructional designer for the world´s oldest Google partner, helping end users overcome obstacles to understanding technology. She is also an independent researcher and visionary artist working on visual displays of alternative models of biological evolution, hypotheses such as ¨photosynthesis as sight¨ in the plant and fungal kingdoms, and is currently writing a book on dreams as a method of information storage and recall. She has been a part of Bloom network since its beginnings in 2009 and is the creator of a transcendental new story of Adam and Eve named ¨Linda and Martín in the Garden of Light and Land¨.

Jana McLaughlin
Gardener, Deep Roots Organic Garden Services

Jana is a coordinator for Bloom Victoria BC and co-founder of Bloom Network. She works as a gardener for her partner’s business, Deep Roots Organic Garden Services. Over the past year, she has been studying soil microbiology under Dr. Elaine Ingham and is learning to restore soil and regenerate healthy ecosystems, and is developing a business model to bring this knowledge into her work and larger community. She also loves cats, motorcycles and rock n roll.


Magenta makes things for collective liberation. Executive Creative Officer (ECO) of Bloom Network.

Special Thank Yous

Pollination and Bloom Network were founded by former Evolver “Sporeganizers”, who produced community events for the Evolver online social network than ran from 2007 through 2012. That network was based on 1) “The Augmented Social Network” white paper written by members of LinkTank, which formed through the first International Planetwork Conference in 2000, and 2) the original Evolver project which was a visionary print magazine and a nascent concept for a collaborative action and business network. From it emerged a global community who wanted to meet in person to share ideas and create innovative civic actions together. Thank you to the founders of both iterations of Evolver for helping us find “the others”.

With Support From

Two hundred local Sporeganizers around the world connected communities through producing events on a volunteer basis for six years, and dreamed into being what has become Bloom Network.

Thank you to all the program development teams who worked on each of the network components; the Evolver Network Wisdom Council, twelve local  leaders who met from 2013-2015 to develop a new brand framework and website plan; and all the Evolvers from 2007-2012 who participated in the initial online social network and the local chapters that emerged from it.

Alicia Boyd co-developed the concept and infrastructure for Pollination and brought operational teams into motion on it and Bloom Network, bridging key gaps in making the whole system click into place and gain financial traction. She contributed her vision of an incubator to support multistakeholder innovation. And, she brought more actual flowers and honeycomb into the design!

Bay Area crew Torie Beedle, Alisha Morton, Erich Lindemann, Ryan Hoffman, and Lindsay Morris co-developed and produced the predecessor event to Pollination, HiveMind. Marney Fontana and Boris Ishkakov designed the base of the visual brands for Pollination and Bloom Network.

Thank you and love to all the interconnected grassroots communities who have been connecting and building networks of healing and social transformation!

Evolver phase 1 founders were Erika Rand, Erik Davis, Gregory Wendt, Daniel Pinchbeck and Katrina Zavalney. Evolver phase 2 founders were Daniel Pinchbeck, Jonathan Phillips, Ken Jordan, and Michael Robinson. Sean Parker donated the capital to start the local chapters. Thank you to our fiscal sponsor Planetwork for instigating the augmented social network and for your ongoing support.

Lastly, thank you to the Earth and all the creatures here, and space, for making embodiment possible so we can pollinate each other with beautiful ideas and nourishment.