Meet Our Team

These are the people who work on the international layer of Bloom Network. We help new Local Blooms get started and facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge sharing across our network and connected coalitions. If you would like to join as a contributor, please get in touch.

For local Blooms team leads, visit

Magenta Ceiba

Magenta Ceiba

ECO (Executive Creative Officer)

Magenta brings twenty years experience as a project manager and coalition builder, working at the intersection of fintech, community and arts organizing. Projects include dOrg, the Ethereum Foundation, Giveth, DoinGud and ACRE DAOs. She produced the event in the Bay Area where the founders of the Decriminalize Nature movement met each other.

Meg Rivers

Meg Rivers

CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Meg is a senior production specialist in television, where she leads the design and implementation of production coordination technology. She’s an expert in instructional design, software platforms training, change management, communications, facilitation, and UX/UI consulting. She is also a multimedia artist, writer, musician and local organizer with Bloom Columbia, MO.

Hannah Mitchell

Hannah Mitchell

Community Support Lead

Hannah Mitchell is a regenerative installation artist and community facilitator, as well as an expert in child-friendly city planning. She works as a gallery and events manager at Quarry Arts Center in Whangarei, New Zealand. Hannah facilitates Bloom Community Calls, leading opening meditations and supporting cross-cultural dialogue.

Our Partners


Bloom Network was founded by former Evolver “Sporeganizers”, who produced community events for the Evolver online social network, which was live from 2007-2012. On the initial social network, people were blogging about diverse social movements, coming out of the financial breakdown in 2008, as well as integrating insights about society that they were having from entheogenic experiences. Together we were seeing how society could be different to support more equitable and loving ways of being. A global community emerged who wanted to meet in person to share ideas and create innovative civic actions together.

Hundreds of Sporeganizers across 11 countries and 5 continents hosted meetups across the network, to upskill communities on everything from aquaponics to meditation to cooperative economics. Over 80,000 people were coming together, forming deep friendships and collaborations, and an informal incubator that produced over 50 businesses and projects. In 2012 Evolver pivoted as company and removed the social network website without consulting the local leaders. In 2013, the Sporeganizers formed a Wisdom Council to create a peer-to-peer leadership model for a digital-physical social network led by local communities on the ground. In 2016 Bloom Network was born.

The initial social network was based on the whitepaper, The Augmented Social Network by members of LinkTank from the International Planetwork Conference in 2000. Bloom is now actively collaborating with Web3 communities to implement structures for rapid collaboration locally and globally, to effectively address pressing issues such as climate change and inequality. Many people and groups have contributed to what Bloom is today.

Financial history: Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster and first president of Facebook, catalyzed the start of the local chapters with a $250,000 donation in 2008. We’ve since received two donations totaling $24,000 from the Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory. We are currently minimally operating on volunteer power while seeking capacity funding to deliver our potential. Our current income is $250/month in member donations.

Thank you and love to all the interconnected grassroots communities who have been building networks of healing and collaboration!


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 Thank you to all the Evolvers from 2007-2012 who participated in the initial online social network and the local chapters that emerged from it. Thank you to all the program development teams who worked on each of the network components:

The Evolver Network Wisdom Council was twelve local leaders who met from 2013-2015 to develop a leadership structure that would be resilient to power abuse. Susan Florries led a healing and community development process within that based on Dragon Dreaming. Jana McLaughlin served as the interim Spore Relations person.

Sobey Wing acted as Cross-Cultural Relations Officer. Brandon Ancier contributed as marketing director from 2014-2016, and Maya Zuckerman contributed to the brand development process. Matthew Howell and Brandon designed the wireframes for the website and Magenta did the web development. Boris Iskhakov designed the Bloom logo, with ideation support from Mira Melaluca and Mage.

Bloom Community Calls were developed with the support of Alisha Morton, Hannah Mitchell, Manuel Maqueda, Ikka Lynn, Andrew J. O’Keefe II, Miriam Gabriel and Jeremy Johnson.

The Spore Tanks were crafted by William Kleidon, Tom Atlee, Nancy White and Amy Lenzo. HiveMind festival (now Pollination) was founded by Torie Beedle and Magenta, and produced by Alisha Morton, Erich Lindemann, Ryan Hoffman, and Lindsay Morris. Pollination: Regenerative Futures Summit was initiated by Alicia Boyd. The production team for Pollination 2019 was Kristin Maher, Ric Victores, Alexis Van Meeteren, and Alina Bekkerman. The facilitation design team was Kathia Laszlo, Tom Atlee, Simone Poutnik, Mira Melaluca, and Mansi Kakkar. Darpan Kalyani designed the expo and stage sets. Pollination logo by Jessica Perlstein.

Sobey Wing, Danielle Gennety, Susan Florries, David Hedriana, Mira Melaluca, Robin Gunkel, Matt Bovard, Jose Acosta, Shalita Hale, Maria Renner, Rafael Ribeiro, Vikas Minocha, Regina Gelfo, Jason Jeffers, Shannon Rheinholdt, Jana McLaughlin, Howard Redding, Alison Laytham, and 150+ more local organizers contributed to the vision and framework for Bloom Network through producing local events and online international discussion. Sobey created the Facebook forum, Decolonize Consciousness / Anti-Colonial Solidarity as a space for BIPOC folks to unpack cultural tensions and organize in the context of white-led spirituality and environmental movements.

Lastly, thank you to the Earth and all the creatures here, and space, for making embodiment possible so we can nourish and care for one another.

Learn about all the local creations flowering, and get involved, at