Bloom Network Taskboard

Help Bloom flourish, receive FLO (Flowers)

Bloom needs your help to maintain the international connectivity and outreach for the network, for everyone’s benefit! If you are interested in scooping one of these tasks up, or see something else that would make everything more awesome, email and a member of the Bloom community team will help you get started. 

Labor contributions receive FLO (Flowers), Bloom Network’s DAO token. We are rowing together toward milestones that will make this project financially regenerative, and FLO are our ledger for keeping track of contributions until that clicks into place.

Local Blooms Onboarding

Facilitate the initial meeting with a new local Bloom after they send in their interest form. Help them get set up with their local Bloom webpage for blogging. Catch any red flags that need attention before giving them the green light. 

Build stronger peer-to-peer culture across local Blooms and the international network.

Improve UX (user experience) across local Blooms and online programs.

    • Improve Bloom Network’s processes for engaging Bloom members and helping local Blooms feel connected and mutually nourished. 
    • Help create a section of this taskboard that is more oriented toward acts of regeneration people can do in their homes and in their fields of work!
    • Member communications: Help new members find their way to actively engaging with Bloom Network. The member intake asks people what their goals are with joining. Some folks may want to join online working groups and get their hands dirty, others want to learn, and some folks have projects they’re looking for peer support with. Help the UX and community teams understand how to best support members’ actualization and their contributions to Bloom Network’s shared goals.
    • The pathway from learning or getting connected, to taking action and participating in peer-incubation, should be straightforward and fun.

Media Team

  • A. Podcast editor
  • B. Boost the messages coming from local Bloom leaders
    • Purpose: to make the ways of caring for one another that local Blooms are demonstrating more visible, so more communities can enact them for collective liberation. 
  • C. Marketing and outreach for Bloom Network’s monthly theme call. Invite people who would likely appreciate learning what’s happening at the cutting edge of community development, via Slack and Discord groups, listservs, or direct emails. Or old school marketing if that’s your jam, we have the brand guidelines, diversity matrix, and personas ready for you. 
    • Send the post-call nurture email to participants, with the video+blog+wiki from the call, and an invitation to keep going with Bloom and regenerative actions
    • Later in 2021, we will begin to build mobilization capacity between these calls and our broader communications structure, to more effectively distribute knowledge and resources to scale up the kinds of solutions that are known to work in each theme.
  • D. Graphic Design
    • Purpose: Communicate Bloom’s monthly themes, partner initiatives, and other campaigns in creative ways that elevate people’s spirits and inspire them to want to take action locally and get connected with this global community of creative doers.
    • This could be done as a partnership with existing design agencies who want to allocate some employee volunteer time to social benefit projects.

Web Development 

    • Design and build the actions ticker displaying 1 Billion Acts of Regeneration. The header of our website will display recent actions and their statistics, to bring instant visibility to inspiring actions and what’s possible, and to inspire people to take action in their communities. 
    • Implement a profile system (we’re looking at MetaGame’s MyMeta web3 profiles, which can be used across multiple websites/networks). 
    • Redesign the website to look less like an early 2000’s blog site, and to provide simpler experience pathways. We have some wireframes to go off of.
    • Integrate forms for DAO proposals, Action Reports, and local Bloom blog posts. The prompts are all created already.
    • Implement an easier CMS for member blogging.

Fundraising and Business Development

    • Apply to grant programs and other support. 
    • Reach out to individuals and groups with aligned goals as Bloom Network’s, to join in the effort for mutual success.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of Bloom’s membership program and identify improvement areas to make it a better experience and also a strong revenue stream.
    • Lead the partnership program to invite corporate sponsorship of Bloom’s monthly themes, and larger institutional partnerships. Most of the groundwork is already laid, it just needs experienced people to activate it.
    • Or most simply, join as a member to contribute to the finance pool. The more we’re able to pay people in real time to help Bloom Network blossom, the easier it’s going to be to accomplish a billion acts of regeneration together. 

Did you find something here you’re excited about doing? Email to get started. Is there something else you think should happen? Fill out this form to make a proposal.


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