Tech Tools for Cross-Organization Collaboration

Over years of working on grassroots and multi-sector community networks, I’ve found a common need for online collaboration tools, yet no solution that exactly fits the need. I’ve been watching the development of various platforms: Hylo, xPollinators, Scuttlebutt, WeCo… But nothing yet has all the functionality we need. This September, Bloom is producing a conference and think tank in San Francisco, which will begin the coordination of international working groups focused on regenerative culture solutions. For this, I actually have to solve the online collaboration problem, now. I think I can string together what we need using a few different cloud software tools. Eventually I would like to see this solution packaged into one thing. 

We need to be able to collaborate across different organizations, and generally the tools we need are a mash-up of CRM, project management suite, and social networking, along with a public-facing wiki for groups to share documentation and resources.

I thought I’d share my research process, since I know many organizations who would also like a solution to this problem. Below are the tools I am currently researching, with the goal of bringing a proposal to our team next Friday, January 19.

Do you work in a community that has a good online collaboration setup? What do you use and why do you like it? Please let me know.

Thank you,
โ€‹Magenta Ceiba

Decentralized Collaboration Platforms:


Collective One



(stalled/stopped development?)


Features we need: Profiles that are searchable by: role, industry, interest…

CrossPollinators – local organization matchmaking

Etouches – event registration and networking

ProFinda – very API integratable ๐Ÿ™‚

Pathable – event networking

Brella – event networking

Bizzabo – event networking


Huddle – document collaboration

Team Communications:

We currently use Slack

Rocket Chat


Github – collaborative software development tool

Project Management







Aragon‘s wiki design is my favorite so far (apparently it’s via Github). We might go with their governance software for our decentralized global governance. 
+ their whitepaper:

I also like this layout, and their company structure: Weco

General Resources for Open Value Networks

Good overview of commons based peer production

Great open value network focussed wiki

Amazing wiki on Open Company formats