nRhythm: Regenerative Organizations

nRhythm: Regenerative Organizations

by Magenta Ceiba, executive creative officer, Bloom Network

Last week I had the inspiring pleasure of speaking with the team at nRhythm, a management consulting firm that specializes in regenerative development. They work with organizations, networks, and communities. What’s special about them, and this resonates deeply with how we’ve designed Bloom Network to be, is that they look at the regenerative wellness of individual unique people in a group, as well as the group as a whole, AND its interconnection with nature, ultimately.

We are so excited to find out about another crew that is working in this way, and that they teach others to do so. They are passionate about social equality in organizational dynamics and business. Lastly, similar to how Bloom Network is set up to be a mesh of interconnected projects and crews, nRhythm sometimes also sets up these interwoven business dynamics. We respect their level of integrity and highly recommend checking out their work!

Here are upcoming opportunities to learn their framework or do an online introduction:

Regenerative Framework Trainings in May:


<< link to our future Bloom Podcast episode with the nRhythm team! >>

Online Participation

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Tech Tools for Cross-Organization Collaboration

Over years of working on grassroots and multi-sector community networks, I’ve found a common need for online collaboration tools, yet no solution that exactly fits the need. I’ve been watching the development of various platforms: Hylo, xPollinators, Scuttlebutt, WeCo… But nothing yet has all the functionality we need. This September, Bloom is producing a conference and think tank in San Francisco, which will begin the coordination of international working groups focused on regenerative culture solutions. For this, I actually have to solve the online collaboration problem, now. I think I can string together what we need using a few different cloud software tools. Eventually I would like to see this solution packaged into one thing. 

We need to be able to collaborate across different organizations, and generally the tools we need are a mash-up of CRM, project management suite, and social networking, along with a public-facing wiki for groups to share documentation and resources.

I thought I’d share my research process, since I know many organizations who would also like a solution to this problem. Below are the tools I am currently researching, with the goal of bringing a proposal to our team next Friday, January 19.

Do you work in a community that has a good online collaboration setup? What do you use and why do you like it? Please let me know.

Thank you,
โ€‹Magenta Ceiba

Decentralized Collaboration Platforms:


Collective One



(stalled/stopped development?)


Features we need: Profiles that are searchable by: role, industry, interest…

CrossPollinators – local organization matchmaking

Etouches – event registration and networking

ProFinda – very API integratable ๐Ÿ™‚

Pathable – event networking

Brella – event networking

Bizzabo – event networking


Huddle – document collaboration

Team Communications:

We currently use Slack

Rocket Chat


Github – collaborative software development tool

Project Management







Aragon‘s wiki design is my favorite so far (apparently it’s via Github). We might go with their governance software for our decentralized global governance. 
+ their whitepaper:

I also like this layout, and their company structure: Weco

General Resources for Open Value Networks

Good overview of commons based peer production

Great open value network focussed wiki

Amazing wiki on Open Company formats