Bloom Network on the look-out for people who feel inspired to build a beautiful and durable alternative to our current civilization. One way do this is through our Local Bloom Chapters. Local Bloom Chapters are groups of people in localised areas doing regeneration projects, specific to their local area needs/desires.




Many Blooms are established and looking for additional dedicated crew members to help with organizing and events. To find out if your area has an existing Bloom group already, click here. If you find one in your area, go ahead and contact them directly.

If there isn’t a Bloom in your area, and you’d like to start one, this is where you find out more!

By joining with us, you become part of a global community collaborating to raise awareness and enact healthy solutions to today’s problems.  The solutions are out there… all that is required is the collective will to discover and make them bloom.


What does a Bloom Chapter Do? 

Local Blooms are the foundation of Bloom Network. Local Blooms are people in towns and cities who have formed a functioning group to contribute to regenerative work at their local level. Local Bloom chapters all over the world host events and actions to inspire their communities.  Together we creatively support each other’s potential and our collective capacity for love and respectful connection.

Since the work is voluntary, activities are dependent on your team’s time and energy and specific to your local area needs/desires. Our groups are diverse and we have Blooms producing things like festivals, regular community meet-ups, regenerative business incubators, film screenings, hands-on actions such as watershed restoration or front yard garden builds, alcohol-free parties, a teahouse and two have established community centers.



What’s Involved in Starting a Bloom?

Starting a Bloom is a beautiful process of you getting to know your community, and us at Bloom getting to know you. If you are interested in starting a Bloom in your home town, contact to start the conversation with us.