Initial information about what is involved


Bloom Network on the look-out for people who feel inspired to build a beautiful and durable alternative to our current civilization.

One way we operate is through our Local Bloom Chapters. Local Bloom Chapters are groups of people in localised areas doing regeneration projects, specific to their local area needs/desires.

To find out if your area has an existing Bloom group already, click here. Many Blooms are established and looking for additional dedicated crew members to help with organizing and events. If you find one in your area, go ahead and contact them directly.

If there isn’t a Bloom in your area, and you’d like to start one, this where you find out more!

By joining with us, you become part of a global community collaborating to raise awareness and enact healthy solutions to today’s problems.  The solutions are out there: All that is required is the collective will to discover and make them bloom.

What does a Bloom Chapter do?

Local Blooms are foundation of the Bloom Network. Local Blooms are people in towns and cities who have formed a functioning group to contribute to regenerative work at their local level. Local Bloom chapters all over the world host events and actions to inspire their communities.  Together we creatively support each other’s potential and our collective capacity for love and respectful connection.

Since the work is voluntary, activities are dependent on your team’s time and energy and specific to your local area needs/desires. Our groups are diverse and we have Blooms producing things like festivals, regular community meet-ups, regenerative business incubators, film screenings, hands-on actions such as watershed restoration or front yard garden builds, alcohol-free parties, a teahouse and two have established community centers.

What’s Involved in Starting a Bloom?

Starting a Bloom is a multi-stage process:

  1. Read the basic requirements and benefits below.
  2. Consider if you (or others) have the ability to create successful events, as this is a big part of Local Bloom work. It is ok if they start small… In fact this is preferable.
  3. Contact us for an application form.
  4. If your application is successful, you enter the “Imaginal Cell” phase. This is a three-month period in which you will explore the possibilities for a Bloom in your community and begin networking.
  5. After successful completion of the Imaginal Cell phase, your Bloom officially joins Bloom Network. Most Blooms follow a general “life cycle” design which will change over time.

The Five Stages to Local Chapter Formation

These are suggested pathways for you to grow into. Some chapters choose to stay at one stage. Creativity and autonomy is encouraged!

  1. Imaginal Cell Phase – Starting the conversation with people you know.
  2. Gathering your Collective – Finding the people in your local area who will work with you to do regenerative activities, by hosting easy, interesting events (like a potluck, discussion panel, world cafe style event).
  3. Bigger Events – when you have found a Bloom crew to work with, you can start putting on bigger events.
  4. Action Oriented – the momentum is rolling now. Next, the challenge of larger actions.
  5. Long Term Goals and Planning – creating a centre with a permanent base, becoming a hub of community action.

Basic Requirements

Bloom Chapter Leaders must:

  • Understand that producing your local Bloom is a volunteer position unless you intentionally craft your offering to be financially sustaining. What you focus on is really dependent on your team’s time and energy, plus your individual and shared goals.
  • Commit to establishing a Bloom for at least one year, knowing that it will likely continue.
  • Have reliable access to internet
  • Ensure that once each Quarter a representative from your Bloom attends the network-wide community video call (held monthly).

The Group Must:

  • Uphold Bloom’s mission and code of conduct. Bloom Network’s mission is to connect and support regenerative culture leaders. Here is our big vision.
  • Sign a Use of Name Agreement (this allows you to use Bloom’s name, logo).
  • Collect email addresses from participants and maintain a local Bloom email list, and share with Bloom Network (the network sends at most two emails per month).
  • Provide your event listing details prior to each event by email to Bloom Network.
  • Submit post-event blog and email list signups within 7 days of an event.
  • Conduct a yearly peer review of active status as a Bloom.

What Support from will I get from Bloom?

  • Membership to Bloom Network, with access to online collaboration, support and advising from multiple networks working toward regenerative well-being across the planet.
  • Local events promoted globally
  • Templates for events, letters, approaching sponsors, funding etc.
  • Quarterly theme packages
  • A section on Bloom’s website and email address
  • Buddy-up with an experienced Bloom producer
  • Networking with other Bloom producers
  • Leadership Training
  • Tools and resources for dealing with conflicts or challenges that may arise in our local work.

Starting the Conversation…

With a small group of people consider these questions:

  1. What kinds of regeneration activity is happening in my town already?
  2. Among the Seven Focus Areas, where does the need most lie in my city/town?
  3. Which part of my town needs help the most?
  4. What kinds of regeneration excites your group?
  5. What regenerative activity would create the most traction or recognition?
  6. Who else in the community is doing work that we want to compliment/support?

Important things to note

  • It’s important that you personally have a strong personal mind-body practice, whatever that is for you. Bloom Network deeply values the process of grounded mindfulness.
  • Bloom is a safe place to talk about transpersonal awareness, and how to cultivate deeper solidarity across various kinds of diversity.
  • We recommend you ‘vet’ your local leadership team and work with people you trust, who are also coming from a heart-centered place.


Bloom Network has a global membership model that has just begun. We are currently researching how we can set up our membership model to automatically allocate a percentage of membership fees to the local chapter the person signed up with. We are hopeful that as that we grow we will have a funding pool available for local chapters to apply to for grants. It’s up to you if you want to apply for grants from other sources you connect with, or if you prefer to create a financially profitable endeavor, or if you’d like to do everything on a voluntary basis.

What next?

If you have read all this, and the forming a local Bloom excites you, please contact us for a Bloom Chapter Application Form. We will are happy to have an online chat with you, so feel free to ask any questions!