To find out if your area has an existing Bloom group already, click hereIf there isn’t a Bloom in your area, and you’d like to start one, email newlocalbloom@gmail.com and simply write “hello I’m interested in starting a local Bloom.” You’ll receive all the info you need and an application form – be sure to check your spam folder for this just in case.


What do Local Blooms Do?

Local Blooms are people in towns and cities who have formed a functioning group to contribute to regenerative work at their local level. Activities vary from meet-ups, to festivals, mutual aid projects, film screenings, and hands-on actions such as watershed restoration or front yard garden builds. Some chapters establish physical community centers such as tea houses, art galleries, or farms that host educational events.

Since the work is voluntary, activities are dependent on your team’s time and energy and specific to your local area needs/desires. Together we creatively support each other’s potential and our collective capacity for love and respectful connection.


What’s Involved in Starting a Bloom?

Starting a Bloom is a beautiful process of you getting to know your local community, and being inspired by other Local Bloom organizers around the world. You’ll have access to many templates and peer knowledge to help you get started, and we ask that you post blog posts regularly to Bloom’s site to let the world know your inspiring works as well as any support you may need. Bloom operates a bit like a peer-to-peer incubation and distribution network. We create it together, for mutual benefit. If you are interested in starting a Bloom in your home town, contact newlocalbloom@gmail.com to start the conversation.