Bloom Network’s newscast about regenerative projects and practices. This episode’s featured guest: Matt Bovard of Knew rEvolution, an art and culture magazine for the festival community.

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Featured projects: 

Your feedback is welcome! Let us know how we can make this show better, and what projects you’d like to see featured. Email us at connect [at] bloomnetwork [dot] org. Here are some specific questions I have (Magenta Ceiba, the anchor for this show):

  • Format: should I break the show up into two separate videos, one short video with the project highlights, and a separate interview? Or leave it together?
  • Any tips on editing? I’m new to video editing. As we scale we can hire pro’s.
  • Apologies I forgot to turn the lights on! Will fix that next time so it’s brighter.
  • Any ideas for a theme song?
  • Do you have a better title idea?