Rio de Janerio Bloom

Anchored by Muda Outras Economias 


Muda’s homepage:

Muda is a booster network that seeks to encourage cultural, educational, and socio-environmental projects, by experimenting with other economies based on joy and abundance. We are a virtual community initiated by a group of artists, teachers, cultural makers, social entrepreneurs, surfers, hackers, producers, and dreamers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And now we have members in different corners of Brazil. In practice, we’ve created our own non-convertible currency (MUDAs), on a blockchain platform hosted by Cambiatus, where we exchange goods, products, and services. In this way we make our talents circulate within our network. By receiving and accepting MUDAs, we are creating a chain of mutual collaboration and strengthening, and each transaction becomes a political act for monetary reform. Our community works through trust, care, justice, and freedom.

Lead Organizers: Flávia Macêdo and Luiz Hadad

Here are two primers to learn more about Muda in English:

1) This introduction by Luiz Hadad
2) this wiki article goes more into the specific kinds of actions people do to receive MUDA


Visit Muda’s homepage to find local Bloom community across different states in Brazil.