There are so many inspiring things that can be done with trash! Here are some of our favorite examples:

Bottle Bricking

Stuff plastic bottles full of trash and use them as bricks for building – cover them in clay earth to make benches and even houses. This sequesters plastic and provides free building materials. The lovely Brennan Bird describes how to make bottle bricks below. You can read all about what they can be used for in the Wikipedia article on ecobricks. And, you can start an ecobrick campaign in any community <3.

Precious Plastics

A shipping container with machines to recycle plastics hyperlocally, by transforming them into, well, just about anything!

Fabric Re-use Depots

Scraps from the textile industry, quilters, old curtains etc, can often be re-made into creative and functional projects.

Local reclamation hubs

Recycled denim mill

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  • Fibershed
  • Indigenous textile traditions use circular production, with local fibers and dyes made from plants and fungi. Missing info: links to projects