Welcome to Pollination 2019

Pollination 2019 is the annual gathering of the international Bloom Network – a global community founded to connect and support regenerative culture leaders – entrepreneurs, activists, artists, executives, academics, and visionaries.

As we face climate change and rapid economic shifts as a global civilization, there is a need for people everywhere to adopt regenerative practices, and for us to change many of our industrial systems from extractive to regenerative wherever possible.

We hold vision for a future NOW where resources are equitably distributed and accessible in creative harmony with nature.

Pollination is designed as a convergence of regenerative culture actors across divergent institutions, industries and governments. We gather to cultivate Collective Wisdom and catalyze real-world local ACTION that advances implementation of scalable ideas for global systemic change.

Key Contributors

Audrey Tang

Digital Minister in charge of Social Entrepreneurship and Open Government, Taiwan

Daisy Ozim

Executive Director, Resilient Wellness; Director, Blockchain for Social Justice

Maya Zuckerman

Entrepreneur, Cultural Hacker, Emerging Media Consultant, and Goddess of Operations

Tom Atlee

Vice President and Research Director, Co-Intelligence institute

Uvinie Lubecki

Founder and CEO, Leading Through Connection

Manuel Maqueda

Founder, SUPER
(Single Use Plastic Elimination or Reduction), and Kumu Innovation Lab and Accelerator

Mansi Kakkar

Founder, Social Innovation Collective

Dr. Kristian Simsarian

Founder, Collective Creativity

Key Contributor Bios…

What’s Happening?

Daily Program:

Plenary Keynotes and Discussions

Regenerative Innovation Sessions and Skillshares, for the purpose of facilitating collaborative resource sharing, and to boost the capacity of the regenerative cultures ecosystem.

Decentralized Governance Hackathon

Herbal Cocktail Reception in the Evenings


Collaborating Across Organizations

Surfacing Regenerative Development Priorities

Finance Innovation

Play Spaces:

Exhibit Hall + Inspiration Library + Healing Lounge

Visit the Program Page for full details.

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Who Will You Meet?

Pollination will host over 250 regenerative culture leaders throughout the conference and broader incubator program including:

Artists, designers, makers, storytellers, creators of all kinds
Futurists and foresight practitioners
Conservation ecologists and scientists
Restorative justice networks
Decolonization mentors
Conflict mediators
Activism strategy experts
Cooperative networks
Healers and visionaries
R&D finance pipeline experts
Impact investors
Steady state and circular economists
Open source and creative commons community
Collaborative and sharing economy pioneers
Blockchain and cryptocurrency developers

Product designers and developers
Sustainability focused food producers
Lawyers supporting indigenous rights and land protection
Healthcare practitioners for systemic change
Intergenerational trauma healers
Transpersonal psychologists and ecopsychologists
Leaders and members of the maker movement
Sustainable technology designers and makers
Supply chain and business development experts
Data scientists
Machine learning and artificial intelligence developers
Policy makers
Ethical business model innovators
Media professionals

Bloom Network

Each Pollination 2019 delegate pass includes an annual Bloom Network membership and access to Bloom’s online collaboration tools.  

While mainstream media capitalizes on climate disasters, terrorism, religious and resource wars, a vast global network of initiatives are enacting mature, proactive solutions NOW. Many of these solutions are emerging from small subcultures or siloed industrial sectors.  

Bloom Network has emerged as a decentralized vehicle to activate the full potential of CROSS-POLLINATION of these various regenerative culture actors to create a deeper, greater, further-reaching and longer-lasting collective impact. The network organizes online and in-person, with active Blooms beginning to grow in bioregions around the globe (each hosting their own events and launching local co-creations).

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” – William Gibso

The efforts of Bloom Network are organized around 7 focus areas: Collective Wisdom, Global Justice, Community Health, Creative Arts, Ethical Technology, Peer-to-Peer Economy, and Earth Stewardship. We collaborate to share resources and ideas, to nurture people and the planet, to help restore healthy relationships and ecosystems. We actively work together to increase the visibility of what’s happening in the regenerative culture sphere so that the broader public can become aware of the resource and be fully empowered to TAKE ACTION.

Core values of the Bloom Network include equitable resource sharing, decentralized leadership, and a felt sense of connection with the natural world and our shared humanity. We take care to create deeper awareness about oppression, to support autonomy and anti-colonialism as well as healing from our traumas. On the web, we practice radical creative possibilities of virtual connection, an initiative that is constantly adapting and evolving with the changing world around us. Together we creatively support each other’s potential and our collective capacity for love and respectful connection through manifestation of holistic regenerative culture. Learn more about Bloom Network and how to get involved in regenerative action at BLOOMNETWORK.ORG today!