Trust is at the root of all successful human interactions. The Terran Collective is building a set of tools that help people map trust across all their relationships, creating a social graph owned by we the people instead of big, abusive corporations. Making visible and useful this trust graph will allow us to better coordinate and cooperate at scale, and with individuals’ consent.

We invite you to participate in imagining, designing and implementing this trust graph, as well as products, services and tools that could operate on top of it. When people can see who trusts whom in which way, what is possible? Tool libraries, professional recommendations, community storehouses, group purchasing of property, trust based file sharing, the platform coop social network of the future — it’s an open field.

We also want to spend time imagining doomsday scenarios: How can a public map of relationships be exploited? We see how internet giants have exploited our information: How might public maps expose new risks?

Join us in bringing about a world that operates at the speed of trust <3