Lead: Mansi Kakkar

When a forest is burnt black with wildfire,
a wildflower blooms slowly but surely
accepting, forgiving, birthing, regenerating
the pitch black of the forest with its bright purple

We need a fellowship of human fireweed to blossom their purple on the pitch black of all human thinking and doing in service of regenerating ourselves and our pale blue dot.

This is NOT a network. This is a non-traditional designing network of people from any domain or doing. It starts with you answering this gentle but fervent war cry. After a process of self-reflection and embracing accountable commitment, those who remain will together build this fellowship for ourselves and those to come driven by our unwavering love for mother earth and our unshakable belief in true human nature.

This Pollination lab will nudge forth the Fireweed fellowship. If you would like to participate in this lab throughout the weekend (the commitment is to remain with your lab team during the daytime session blocks over the two days), please tell us on your registration.