Pollination 2019 is the annual flagship gathering of Bloom Network.  Our first launch event to be held in San Francisco from August 16-18, 2019 will form the beginning of a larger series we will roll out across Bloom chapters globally. The event will bring regenerative culture leaders together to collaborate on solutions to common problems, share ideas and resources and inspire each other.

Over two days and one beautiful launch celebration evening, Pollination 2019 will feature:

Short seminars, break out sessions and think tanks, working together towards practical regenerative culture solutions through interactive and participatory discussion and visioning

The biggest annual face to face session of Bloom Action Incubator. The mentorship team and think tanks will catalyze working groups to implement solutions during a 6-month process after Pollination. The working groups will have support from our professional mentorship group comprised of experts in getting social good projects happening on the ground.

A marketplace featuring regenerative solutions among Bloom’s 7 key focus areas: collective wisdom, global equity, community health, the creative arts, sustainable technology, peer-to-peer economy, and earth stewardship.

A hackathon of Bloom Network’s governance

Delicious, ethically and environmentally conscious food

Lots of fun and celebration, art and performance

Social functions and dinners to connect people

​Healing sessions throughout the event

Learn more and register on the Pollination website: http://bloompollination.com