A blog from Hannah, Community Support for Bloom Network.

Community Calls with Bloom Network in 2020 were an epic series of great topics and guests, ranging from Future Economies, Distributed Manufacturing & Bioregional Production, introduced people to the Decentralized Web and Bloom Network’s DAO and having conversations around “Flipping the Mainstream Narrative” – Alternatives to Climate Change. In 2021 we will continue to have interesting and brain-stretching calls, using our megaphone to teach people about different Regenerative topics.

Our call for February was to focus on the amazing world of Nudibranchs, and their unique place in the ocean’s systems. This call has the plan of taking some of the learnings from creating online experiences and online Burns and creating a more immersive experience that helps promote and lift up the Nudibranchs.

Doing Regenerative work on the side of life means that sometimes a whole bunch of road-blocks are thrown in the way of fulfilling unpaid work. For me, a double bout of illness and having to pack and move house have jumped in the way.  

Bloom Network has made the decision to postpone the The Nudibranch Experience until September. This will be a fun experience, deep diving into the Nudibranch world. On this call you can expect:

  • To buckle up for our simulated submarine ride as we journey through the ocean to the nudibranch habitat.
  • Learn about the nudibranch unique biology.
  • Design your own nudibranch.
  • Learn the nudibranch dance.
  • Find out what is going on in their ocean home.
  • Work out what you can do to help them and their ocean habitat.

We are sorry for the delay in this excellent adventure. If you want to sign up for the Nudibranch call you can do that here, with reminders of the call to be sent in August.

Our June 2021 Community Call is about Art and Nature (June 21, 2021 5-6:30pm EST) and you can sign up this on our Community Calls page here.