We’re adding an extra call to our line-up and moving things around.  Here is the monthly call schedule for the rest of 2020. All these sessions are free to the public. To find out more about our paid membership perks, head here.

Call times are fixed to USA times. Other countries will vary according to shifts in daylight savings. Keep up with the changes and plan ahead by doing your own calculations according to the USA times stated. As Bloom Network grows we will add sessions time-appropriate to the parts of the world that need them.

1st Mondays – Open Mesh PlatformsFixed Time 12pm Pacific 

These sessions will be a mix of 1. “Introduction to the decentralized web” so it grows beyond early adopters, 2. Jamming with both software development communities and regenerative leaders on the ground, and 3. Utilizing existing decentralized web infrastructure to support collaboration among regenerative projects locally and internationally. Come and geek out with Bloomers who care deeply about data sovereignty, transparent governance and peer-to-peer networks. To find out more go here: https://bloomnetwork.org/the-decentralized-web-for-regenerative-projects/ 

Starting in July – Register at https://e.sparxo.com/OpenMeshPlatformsJuly2020

Local times: First Mondays in Western Hemisphere: USA 12pm Pacific (fixed time), UK 8pm, CEST 9pm, East Africa 10pm // First Tuesdays in Eastern Hemisphere: Japan 4am, Australia 3am Western, 5am Eastern, New Zealand 7am.

3rd Mondays – Theme CallsFixed Time 2pm Pacific

A time for intense learning, these sessions bring key people in regenerative cultures together to chat about their focus area and share their learnings with the community. With plenty of time for questions, these sessions allow us to zoom in on specific topics of interest, and the video is often worth a rewatch because of all the fantastic information shared. These sessions are on a 6 monthly topic schedule. All sessions are available for Bloom Members for post-event watching. https://bloomnetwork.org/community-calls/ 

May Registration – The Decentralized Web: https://e.sparxo.com/Bloom-Dweb-2020

June Registration – Burners and Bloomers: https://e.sparxo.com/Burners-and-Bloomers2020

Local times: Third Mondays in Western Hemisphere: USA 2pm Pacific (fixed time), UK 10pm, CEST 11pm // Third Tuesdays in Eastern Hemisphere:  East Africa 12am, Japan 6am, Australia 5am Western, 7am Eastern, New Zealand 9am

Last Thursdays – Bloom BudsFixed Time 6pm Pacific

Bounce into Spring and share Autumn harvests* with Bloom Buds! Stop and smell the flowers in our casual catch-up sessions (optional: with a beverage of your choice). Share stories and creative endeavours from your part of the world, come together and break bread with other people doing regenerative culture. (*for our Southern Hemisphere Bloomers).

May Registration: https://e.sparxo.com/May2020BloomBuds 

June Registration: https://e.sparxo.com/June2020BloomBuds 

Local times: Last Thursdays Western Hemisphere: USA: 6pm Pacific Fixed Time, UK 2am, CEST 3am // Last Fridays Eastern Hemisphere: East Africa 4am, Japan 10am, Australia 9am Western, 11am Eastern, New Zealand 1pm

As Bloom Network Membership grows we will add sessions time-appropriate to the parts of the world that need them. Looking forward to chatting with you all soon!

Much Love, Bloom Team