This is the start to an entry on mycoremediation: basic information, trainings, and companies or collectives that specialize in it.

What is It?

Mycoremediation is generally the practice of using fungi (mushrooms) to decontaminate the environment. It can often be done cheaply on a DIY scale. Common applications are oil spills and soil containing contaminants from synthetic dyes.


Wikipedia’s entry has a high level overview of the various kinds of pollutants that mushrooms can transform or accumulate.

Earth Repair by Leila Darwish: tools, recipes, and stories

Mycoremediation: Fungal Bioremediation, by Harbhajan Singh: encyclopedic overview


Fungi for the People
Radical Mycology


Corenewal – ecosystem restoration in the Amazon rainforest. Current needs: local community relationship building and financial capacity

Female and Fungi – Through mycological education and community organizing, Female and Fungi explores how lessons from the fungi can teach us to strengthen our local and global communities by connecting deeply with nature and working towards a holistic and healthy future.

Case Studies

Environmental remediation of petroleum contamination via small scale mushroom cultivation in Sucumbíos, Ecuador