Mission / Impact

Bloom Network’s mission is to accelerate the spread of regenerative culture. Our vision is a world where it’s easy for people to share resources, resolve conflict, and live in creative balance with nature.


In regenerative culture, people and companies create the conditions for more life, more diversity, more resilience and anti-fragility. It is the antidote to extractive industry. Often, it ends up being more profitable in the long run to choose regenerative business practices.

​Bloom Network demonstrates healthy, regenerative community everywhere we have a local chapter, and together globally through online collaboration. Our intention for this website is to provide a hub for people to share information and resources to increase adoption of regenerative practices.


Bloom is a global collective that gathers in person and online to share tools and resources related to regenerative culture. (Regenerative culture is the opposite of extractive industry, where you’re taking more resources than you are putting back. It’s where you are creating the conditions for more life, more diversity, and more resources.)

Local Bloom chapters host creative educational events, networking, skillshares and hands on actions. We collaborate online across cities to replicate and scale solutions to common social problems, for example food security, alternative economic models or conflict resolution.

Each quarter the network promotes a different theme to inspire action and mobilization.

The network hosts an online collaboration platform that bring leaders from different disciplines into dialogue to discuss solutions and share best practices. Lastly, our wiki is a “resources bank” of solutions and best practices sourced from the global community.


Our whole systems framework helps people collaborate across movements and sectors to activate our collective potential.

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