So been a slow burn startup here in Stroud, but eventually I have managed to hook up with Save The Oaks project here in the UK – initially I was going to plant 100 oak saplings, as my small part of the 50,000 national rollout this season, I have volunteered as a distribution point and have about 500 trees turning up Monday next week. My trees are to be planted in wildlife corridors between copses of trees which have so far avoided the tractor and plough, on the farm where I am setting up my Permaculture Community Gardens.

It has been a very tricky year to get the gardens up and running and accessible to the community, but have been making plans for end of lockdown and finally it feels with the trees arriving that things are starting to move. I have been donated 50 – 100 soft fruit cuttings to inter plant in the wildlife corridor along with hollies, hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel and willow, I have been able to forage and re-site where I have thinned out wild clusters, to increase diversity and balance overall growth speed of the corridors.

The impact will be hugely positive for the Gardens, the Organic Short Horn Dairy Herd (managed to get my garden’s Host to agree to a widening of fence lines to 3m for this specific project, one of which skirts my Gardens), and of course the wildlife above, upon and below the ground around. So Happy things are afoot!! Will post a proper blog with Photos and explanations soon.

Thank you for having us here and look forward to sharing the progress – much love 💕 🌳 from Stroud Bloom