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Why become a member of Bloom?

Most educational media that Bloom creates is curated to be publicly accessible. 

This is generally one-directional, and people reading this content are unable to meet others interested in the same topics.


Paid membership is where the in-depth collaboration and peer support with our international members is available.

This ensures that our members spaces are made up of people who are invested in action-focused collaboration. Our members space also functions as a peer accelerator ecosystem. Each member will be able to learn and develop their initiatives and goals with the support of a global network of talented, passionate people with diverse backgrounds of professional and practical experience.

Your membership fee contributes to a collective pool of money that members vote on to determine what programs Bloom supports. As we build capacity, a percentage of your fee will go directly to your local Bloom.

Memberships are tax-deductible if you live in the U.S.

photo from Bloom Baltimore’s Mushroom City Art Festivals

More details about Bloom membership:

  • Collaboration tools:
    • Project coordination (local and international): Hylo
    • Find experts and ask questions: ProFinda’s Global Change Collective, an AI-assisted tool that includes many other networks’ members
    • Bloom working groups: KeyBase
  • Vote and make proposals on which programs Bloom supports. As Bloom becomes revenue-positive, receive dividends similar to a cooperative grocery store but with a visionary interactive media network!
  • Small-group curated video calls that support networking across existing initiatives and people world-wide.
  • + request which video trainings are offered
  • Templates on topics such as: best practices for forming ecovillages, efficient social media outreach, building a team, forming a business or organization, and much more


Bloom Members Say:

"I really love connecting globally with Bloom Network. There are so many interesting projects and thoughts. I leave the zoom calls filled up with hope and perspective for the future."

Flávia Macêdo, Social Entrepreneur and Community Builder, Brazil

"It feels like there is more room for us to be creative now." (after a peer business development session)

Nelson Melina, Amara Valley Eco Retreat, Spain

"You guys seem like very balanced, grounded, smart, sensitive, well-rounded folks."

Will White, new Bloom Organizer in Virginia

"That was the highest value gathering I've been to in many years."

Clare Politano, Software Engineer, Terran Collective, San Francisco

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