How to Get Involved

Here are the ways you can get involved with Bloom Network and contribute to regenerative cultures.


Learn about regenerative culture practices. Surf Bloom’s blogs and wiki to learn about your passion interests or things you didn’t know exist!

Go to Your Local Bloom Events/Actions

If you haven’t yet looked to see if there is a Bloom chapter in your town, visit here: . If you’d like to start one (tiny ones are ok!), here’s how. Your local Bloom is a great place to find regenerative initiatives that are happening near you.

Community Calls

Community calls are a good place to start to meet people in real-time. The monthly theme call is focused on learning about a specific topic. We also host a monthly intro call for anyone new to Bloom and for people to ask questions or suggest improvements. The Mesh Web Platforms series is fairly hardcore nerding about the kinds of protocols that are needed to create the distributed platform architecture that Bloom needs to support collaboration across regenerative initiatives globally.


If you’re ready to go deeper, we invite you to join as a member of Bloom Network to collaborate and receive peer support.

The following ways to get involved are accessible to members:

Collaborate with Peers and Adjacent Movements, or

Join an action:

These are coordinated via Bloom’s collaboration space inside Hylo. Your member dashboard will take you there:

  • Beautify the Commons in your local region
  • Flip the Mainstream Narrative on Climate Change (to one of mutual empowerment and connection with nature)
  • Mesh Web Platforms: this is where we coordinate working groups in between calls in the series where we are learning about the decentralized web.


Contribute To / Collaborate With Bloom International

  • Join an existing working group
  • Start a working group or collaboration you feel would be mutually beneficial to participants
  • Curate a peer-learning call on a topic you are passionate about that you think Bloom is a good convening place for
  • Tackle some tasks on our volunteer board
  • Recommend a vein of activity you think would support Bloom Network’s mission in connection with the broader efforts toward regenerative cultures

Once you become a member, you’ll receive access to a Bloom members dashboard where you can easily find buttons that take you to all these pathways. It’s like a choose-your adventure book, but with real life inspiring people to journey with AND make the book together as we go.

How to Start a Local Bloom:

Visit this page for the run-down of what’s involved.

Local Bloom organizers receive gifted membership to Bloom Network, as they contribute the most critical connection nodes for the whole network’s mission. We encourage local Bloom organizers to invite their communities to become members of Bloom Network. A percentage of local member fees goes directly to the local Bloom to provide budget for hosting events and creating/curating media about what’s happening locally.