Playfulness: Connecting through play in embodied ways, to nourish ourselves and each other and express new possibilities.
Nestedness: We live and work within complex, interrelated systems. Any regenerative relationship needs to acknowledge that, and be accountable to our wellness together.
Essence to essence: Our core unique potential is offered to the other, and the other’s core unique potential is received. Seeing each other directly and fully, outside of agendas and silos.
Flows of Equity: An equitable balance of giving and receiving that honors the robust forms of exchange that produce life. Coming together in collective wisdom and respecting the cultural narratives we each bring with us.
Reflective Slowness: Relationships take work; reflection and slowness builds capacity for radical openness and authenticity. This spaciousness allows us room to breathe while we learn with and listen to each other.

At Pollination 2019 participants will center our activities in these qualities, to support each other in building regenerative relationships to nourish each other as people, as companies, and as creative crews.