Find active Blooms below. Blooms produce events, but they are also living networks of relationships among people and groups. Your local Bloom is a place to share tools and resources to create healthy communities.

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Harvesting Turkey Tail mushrooms at the Mushroom City Art Festival. Photo by Colby Ware, Baltimore Sun.

Bloom Baltimore produces Mushroom City Art Festival and smaller events throughout the year.

Mushroom City Art Festival is an informative and interactive exploration of mushrooms, which focuses on foraging, identification, cultivation, and psilocybin research.

Art and music inspired by this mysterious mycelial life form are featured alongside hands on workshops and educational discussions revealing the many real world applications for mushroom cultivation in contemporary urban life.

Photo from the Internet Archive’s Decentralized Web Summit, 2018

Home to Bloom Network’s media, finance and technology working groups. Bloom Bay Area is partnered with the Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory, a coalition of grassroots leaders who collaborate regionally and nationally to solve the underfunding issue of the grassroots sector. The TRCC has been developing a participatory philanthropy practice, where donors and movement leaders decide together where best to allocate funding.

Another key partner is the NorCal Community Resilience Network, a newly formed network connecting resilience initiatives across the Bay Area and beyond.

In 2019 Bloom Bay Area will host the first Pollination conference, bringing together regenerative culture leaders to collaborate and play.

Bloom Boulder produces an annual benefit concert for Pine Ridge Reservation.

They are partnered with Knew rEvolution, a literary magazine for festival culture.

Asociación Biocultural Proyecto Fe AC: destinada a crear espacios multiculturales donde se convoque a la comunidad de Ahome para incentivar el intercambio de conocimientos en ámbitos multidisciplinarios con enfoque en desarrollo ecológico, urbano y rural.

Plasmamos ideas creativas en acciones concretas que promuevan la participación ciudadana en proyectos innovadores, renovadores y de transformación socio-ambiental en la región.

English Translation:
AC Fe Biocultural Association Project: creates multicultural spaces to convene Ahome community to encourage the sharing of knowledge in multidisciplinary areas with a focus on ecological, urban and rural development.

We capture creative ideas into concrete actions that promote citizen participation in innovative projects, renovations and socio-environmental transformation in the region.

Photo from GreenWave House.

The Nicoya Peninsula Bloom in Costa Rica is a network of the people and organizations of the Santa Teresa, Cobano, and Montezuma areas that seek to protect, beautify, and help rejuvenate our surrounding communities through creative, sustainable, and inspiring events and actions.


Protecting people, planet, parties within the global electronic music world.

Creative collaborations for local resilience and an ecologically harmonious future.

Home to Bloom’s Community working group, Bloom Whangarei is active in regional Burning Man events and hosts benefit gatherings for various local issues.

When you receive emails from Bloom Network, this is why there are Maori words in them! Maori are the indigenous people in Aotearoa, or what English-speaking people call New Zealand.