About Bloom

Bloom Network’s mission is to connect and support regenerative culture makers.

We hold a vision for a Future Now where resources are equitably distributed and accessible in creative harmony with nature.


Bloom Network is a global community of doers – entrepreneurs, activists, artists, executives, academics, and visionaries – gathering online and in person to dream, collaborate, and execute action plans that address humanity’s most pressing environmental and societal issues.

We aim to connect regenerative methodologies into greater public adoption across all institutional and regional borders. We collaborate regularly online and in person, to share knowledge, take action, and grow together toward a regenerative future.


In regenerative cultures, people create the conditions for more life, more diversity, more resilience and anti-fragility. It is the antidote to extractive industry, which tends to magnify pollution, inequality and other social ills.

There are so many exciting practices across the globe that you can do in your home, your neighborhood, or within your company to contribute to regenerative ways of being! Check out the Bloom wiki or local Bloom pages to take a peek at what’s going on around the world. <3

Implementing regenerative practices in all areas of human activity is not only the next economic boom and a source of unbridaled potentiality, but also our greatest potential for navigating through today’s crises.


1. Grow relationships, skills and positive impact capacity in order to support regenerative solutions among people and companies.

Bloom’s local chapters and online network provide touchpoints for people to find and share tools and resources related to regenerative culture. The purpose of this is to help humanity traverse climate change and the rapid changes that are happening with economics, technology and governance systems in the twenty first century. We believe that regenerative solutions will support people in stabilizing healthy ecosystems, both socially and environmentally.

2. Redistribute wealth

Bloom intakes money from donors, grants and company sponsors and distributes it to projects that reinforce the regenerative ecosystem we’ve designed. Some of this money also goes toward collaborations with financial partners to assist their industries and practices in transitioning to regenerative ways of doing business. The network matches resources and trainings across diverse groups to reduce competition and directly meet needs.

3. Scale adoption of regenerative practices

Bloom Network utilizes the tools and technologies of media and marketing to transfer global leadership to the hands of decentralized, locally rooted peoples. We support collaboration and visibility among a diverse array of movements toward regenerative culture. Lastly, we design and connect financial mechanisms to drive regenerative development, managed by local communities.

4. Support collective well-being

We believe that more people seeing the large scale of global solidarity that exists across political, racial, and economic divides will support everyone in caring for one another’s well being. Through local Bloom events we help network people across movements for more equitable, resilient communities.


Harvesting Turkey Tail mushrooms at the Mushroom City Art Festival. Photo by Colby Ware, Baltimore Sun.

Find your local Bloom meetup to discover and support regenerative solutions in your bioregion, as well as connect in-person with members of the global network community.

Local Bloom meetups produce skillshare events, networking and hands-on actions. We collaborate online across bioregions to scale solutions. Topics like food security, alternative economic models, blockchain technology and the future of workplace environments are just a small cross-section of the worlds that connect in our local meetups. Learn more about some of the successful projects to date here.

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Bloom Network mycelium spreads across the bridge from the physical into the virtual world. We curate essential network events and resources via our wiki, blog, and Bloom Podcast (available on any podcast app).

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Bloom Network membership also includes access to the Global Change Collective: an augmented intelligence network that helps you ask questions, find collaborators, and get matched with the right people with the right knowledge to help you.


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We’re excited to partner with organizations and creative crews to connect opportunities, resources and inspiration across our network of 6,000+ regenerative culture leaders. Please get in touch with our partnership team today to begin the conversation → {connect@bloomnetwork.org}