About Blooming

A guide to getting started


What does Bloom do?

Bloom is a verb!  We accelerate the adoption of regenerative – as opposed to exhaustive – practices, and help more people find and participate in regenerative actions where they live.

We have 16 active chapters in 8 countries based on the work of hundreds of volunteers who believe that human culture is at a critical moment to evolve. We are ready to expand to 100+ chapters on every continent.

Who is Blooming?

We are a mix of artists, professionals, people who work in government, activists, workers interested in more equitable futures, designers, culture hackers and more. We work together across political and cultural silos to create beautiful futures.

What are our community values?

Peer-to-peer leadership, autonomy, regenerative cultures, transformative justice, and mutual support.

Why does Bloom exist? 

There are plenty of known solutions to today’s gnarly problems such as climate change and inequality, however, it is hard for the general public to find them and see how to participate.

We know it can be easier to find positive narratives that invite people to participate across difference to create beauty and well-being together, and we want to make that happen together locally and online.

How do I participate?

What are Regenerative Cultures?

In regenerative cultures, people and companies create the conditions for more life, more diversity, more resilience and anti-fragility. It is the antidote to extractive industry (where more resources are being taken out than replenished).

​Bloom Network demonstrates healthy, regenerative community everywhere we have a local Bloom chapter, as well as globally through online collaboration and knowledge sharing.