About Blooming

A guide to getting started

Bloom Network members create media and do direct actions together to address climate restoration and social equity. We are a new kind of organization that is called a distributed cooperative, or DisCO! Local Bloom leaders and members worldwide collaborate to make and govern this network together.


Bloom Network’s mission is to connect and support regenerative culture makers.

Our vision is a world where resources are equitably distributed and accessible in creative harmony with nature.

What does Bloom do? Bloom is a verb, the action of empowering people and places we live to blossom. Through meetups and hands-on actions, local Bloom chapters build capacity and relationships across diverse movements for positive social change. We also help the general public find these movements and participate! Together we are creating social equity, food security, climate restoration, and the arts as a way to find common ground.

Internationally, Bloom participants work together as a peer-to-peer network to share resources and best practices across cities. As we learn what works well, for example, local food policy, social currencies, stormwater drainage basins, and more, we’re able to quickly distribute that knowledge across our global network, to more quickly adapt solutions.

Who is Blooming? We are a mix of artists, professionals, people who work in government, activists, workers interested in more equitable futures, designers, culture hackers and more. You are sure to find interesting people at Bloom events, who are thinking about the big picture and connecting dots. What we have in common is a desire to work together across political and cultural silos, to create beautiful futures.

Why does Bloom exist?

There are plenty of known solutions to today’s common problems, however, it is hard for the general public to find them and see how to participate. We think it should be easier to find positive narratives that invite people to participate across difference to create beauty and well-being together.

How do I participate?

  • Find or start your local Bloom chapter. There are 16 local Blooms in 7 countries so far.
  • Learn about regenerative culture practices you do can do at home or in your field of work, through the resources tab on this website.
  • Join as a member of Bloom by contributing financially, or through helping with something on the taskboard.


    1. Inspire a billion acts of regeneration

    2. Build capacity and relationships across regenerative culture initiatives

    3. Transfer power and resources to decentralized networks

    What are Regenerative Cultures?

    In regenerative cultures, people and companies create the conditions for more life, more diversity, more resilience and anti-fragility. It is the antidote to extractive industry (where more resources are being taken out than replenished).

    ​Bloom Network demonstrates healthy, regenerative community everywhere we have a local Bloom chapter, as well as globally through online collaboration and knowledge sharing.

    Find Your Local Bloom

    Find your local Bloom meetup to discover and participate in regenerative activities in your bioregion, and to connect in-person with Bloom members.

    Local Blooms host skillshares, networking and hands-on actions. Topics like food security, social equity, cooperative economic models, blockchain technology and the future of work are just a small cross-section of the worlds that connect in our local meetups. Many initiatives and deep friendships have happened so far. Local Blooms are a unique place to find open-minded people who like to make things happen together.

    Join the Global Network

    Bloom Network mycelium spreads across the bridge from the physical into the virtual world. We host public resources and information via our wiki, blog, and Bloom Podcast (available on any podcast app).

    Hop on our monthly Community Call for live discussion and skill sharing.

    Join as a member. Bloom members co-govern the development of Bloom Network, and they receive a deeper layer of peer-to-peer collaboration and mutual support.  Member benefits include access to affordable marketing, the ability to participate and initiate working groups, and more extensive resources to help you start and grow your projects.

    Content Framework

    Bloom connects a diversity of movements related to regenerative cultures, to help us share resources and be stronger together. Read more detail here.

    Our Story

    Bloom Network was founded by former Evolver “Sporeganizers”, who produced community events for the Evolver online social network than ran from 2007 through 2012. We were drawn to each other by our transcendental experiences with plant medicines, meditation, and the political upheaval of 2008 and Occupy Wall Street. When we met each other online as a global community, we soon wanted to meet in person to share ideas and create innovative civic actions together. By 2010, we established in 100+ cities on 5 continents, in 11 countries. This rapid growth brought leadership challenges, and in 2016 the local chapters seceded from the NYC-based company, to form a truly peer led network. Together, the local Bloom leaders developed a governance and business framework to create just, resilient economies that support the flowering of humanity and Earth’s creatures.

    Logo Mythology

    Like dropping a pebble into a pool, the actions you take every day to make the world a healthy place ripple out into your communities. Bloom’s logo is an illustration of the interconnectedness of our relationships with one another and our surroundings. 

    Read the story of “The Tracer”, a symbol of our peer-to-peer connectedness. 


    The members of Bloom network, across cultures, languages and continents, share a unity of purpose and an understanding of the urgency to create a future that sustains coming generations.” 

    Meg Rivers, lead organizer, Bloom Columbia Missouri

    Bloom is the only thing I know of that really tackles the deep deep causes and deep deep what needs to happen.”

    Steve Bryson, NASA Ames Research Center

    “You guys seem very balanced, grounded, smart, sensitive, well-rounded folks.”

    Will White, new Bloom organizer in Virginia

    Bloom is rearchitecting society to enable self-sustaining communities.

    Brenden Maher, MIT Media Lab Alumnus

    Ready to Bloom?

    May your journeys be fruitful and your heart overflowing with celebration.