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Bloom, a Decentralized Network

Bloom Network is a decentralized network, where local groups as well as international collaborative groups have autonomy to create the structures they need to ...
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Starting a Local Bloom Chapter

Initial information about what is involved Bloom Network on the look-out for people who feel inspired to build a beautiful and durable alternative to ou...

Sneak peek at Bloom’s new website

Last week Boris Iskhakov, Bloom Network’s amazing visionary brand designer, visited our executive director, Magenta Ceiba, to create the design fo...

Blockchain for Social Justice

Blockchain for Social Justice is a collective of social justice minded individuals from various sectors coming together to support the development of blockchai...
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Community Land Trusts

From the wiki: Land trusts are a solution for equitable, sustainable rent and home ownership, and neighborhood stability. “There are numerous variations on...

Current Worldwide Theme

In regenerative culture, people and companies create the conditions for more life, more diversity, more resilience and anti-fragility. This looks like...