In regenerative culture, people and companies create the conditions for more life, more diversity, more resilience and anti-fragility.

This looks like a wide variety of things depending on the context and location. It could be a community food forest, restorative justice or indigenous solidarity. It could be a company changing their supply chains to support local cooperative makers. It could look like installing a greywater system so any water you use for showers or dishes is recycled to water plants.

As we face climate change and rapid economic shifts as a global civilization, there is a need for people everywhere to adopt regenerative practices, and for us to change many of our industrial systems from extractive to regenerative wherever possible.

We hope that you’ll get involved to learn more and share what you know!

Ways to Engage

  • Join the conversation online by tagging us on social media – #RegenerativeCulture #BloomNetwork
  • Attend one of the community video calls to engage with peers and experts.
  • Find your local Bloom to see if they’re hosting a gathering, or initiate one yourself! This could be as small as a potluck discussion with friends, or a more curated presentation featuring local experts on the topic. You can also find a hands-on action happening in your town that you can participate in solo or with a group.

Bloom Members: Network with regenerative culture makers on ProFinda to share knowledge and expertise, or add an article to the Bloom Wiki! You can also schedule or request a small group video conversation on a specific topic via the member portal.

Upcoming Community Calls