We’re making steady progress on Bloom’s cooperative, thanks to Platform Cooperative Consortium + Mondragon’s startup accelerator course from the New School! Our next step is to ask people involved what would be most supportive and inspirational to them, so that we make a mutually beneficial multi-stakeholder cooperative that nourishes us and the places we all live.

We are looking for our supporters who will give voice from their perspectives during group interview sessions in August.

This will be a way more fun and interactive way to answer some “survey” type questions, plus surface group insights from your brilliant souls, AND introduce more of you to each other. These sessions will help us configure the Bloom Network cooperative so it is mutually beneficial for all members and connected communities.

If you would like to attend a session, please email community@bloomnetwork.org and we will send you a calendar invite and call-in details.

Artists – Tuesday, August 4th at 5pm Pacific time

Business and Project Leaders – date TBD

Investors & Philanthropists – date TBD

Open Group – Friday, August 7th at 2pm Pacific time

Open Group (final session) – Tuesday, August 11th at 12pm Pacific time