In a space of a few months the entire world is experiencing something strangely uniting, grinding life as we know it to a halt, and locking us into small (physical) bubbles. 

Fortunately the Bloom Bubble is alive and people dialed in from 6 different countries this week to share their experiences and their hopes for the future, with our first Covid Catch-up.

Costa Rica, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, USA and Brazil were represented and our experiences of lockdown are the same but different. In the nuances, there is a shared hope that this experience could be a turning point for humans and the way we dwell on the planet in the future.

One participant reflected that her usually disparate social streams were also all suddenly talking about the same thing. From their different perspectives of the world, they too all want to use this opportunity to create a better world.

With a reminder that “none of the problems we had before this have gone away” and questioning “do we really want to go back to the system that was?” there was a general optimism about the work and opportunity we have before us.

“This is a moment, we should all just take it,” said journalist Susan Florries.

People shared the projects they are inspired to keep working on, such as an EU based Collaboratory, with rapid learning, rapid sense-making tools and protocol to make sense of the patterns. Giveth, a block-chain invention that supports social impact projects, and an alternative community currency in Brazil that will be able to leverage this time of economic upheaval.

The chat was valuable for all involved, and definitely looking forward to the next one.

What’s Next?

WRITING INVITATION for all Bloom Followers
Write 400 words to capture the visions and best pathways that you personally can see for the future.
We want to capture people’s visions in this time. These visions will be posted on a special Visions page shared via Bloom Network. Send to

NEXT Covid Catch-up – 4th May – **GOOGLE CALENDAR LINK**

NEXT Community Call –  20th April – Topic = ‘Future Economy’ with multiple guests sharing expertise on the different economic alternatives Register here.

Project Links

Charles – Collaboratory – –  open source, rapid learning & sense-making

Dani – Giveth – Using block-chain to donate money to worth organisations –
RadicalxChange – reimagining the building blocks of democracy and markets

Meg – Megamind and evolutionary theory – link forthcoming

Mark – More Beautiful World project with Charles Eisenstein –


Stockholm, Sweden. Not as strict as most EU countries. Tertiary education closed, other schools are open. Public gathering is set at 50 people. Tourist area shops closed, but desperate restaurants selling food cheaply. Things still open in other parts of Stockholm. Good stimulus packages offered. Government politicians are working together across partisanship, agreeing swiftly.

Zurich, Switzerland.  Schools and shops closed, very quiet, not stressy lockdown.

Eden Rose, Costa Rica. Been in 14 day self-quarantine, the local area has a lockdown curfew. Many businesses are closed.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Voluntary lockdown, stores closed, people trying to stay home. Some people not respecting. Power cuts sometimes, schools closed. Politics are mixed. Might have more lockdown. 2nd week that schools and are closed.

Whangarei, New Zealand. Whole country has been in full lockdown for 6 of 28 days, essential services open only. Lockdown came just at the right time, not too much community transmission yet. Huge concern over the closure of fruit & vegetable shops and farmers markets, which have been closed, with 30% of the country’s produce locked out of the ‘essential services’ and huge potential food wastage.


Santa Barbara, California. Lockdown experience very strange, more reason for gratitude, living in a nice area.  Realise how much we take for granted, connected with the encroachment into the forests. Everything can have an impact

Columbia, Missori. Mandatory city lockdown for a week. Many people believe it’s a hoax, though haven’t left the house for weeks. Down to 50% of personal workload at work, large scale businesses are closing down and so do their software service providers. All humans in various stages of dealing with what is to come.

Manchester, New Hampshire. Still a fair bit of road traffic, though not as much as normal, all restaurants and bars are closed. Doctors are not taking patients in person at the moment. 

Musical Inspiration, Bob Dylan’s new song – Murder Most Foul