2020 Community Calls

Participate in Bloom’s community calls to learn and build relationships.

Once a month, there is a Local Bloom Organizers call where local leaders from different countries come together to share what they’re up to and support each other through any challenges they might be facing. Those calls are open to the public with organizers only on the mic. Last Wednesdays at 6pm Eastern US/Canada time.

Additionally, each quarter Bloom Network focuses on a theme to build relationships across different people and groups working on regenerative culture initiatives. We cycle through 4 themes throughout the year: Economy, Art, Tech, Nature. After each call, we publish a blog post and wiki article to share the practices and organizations that people can participate in.

Our main objective across all themes is to encourage a billion acts of regeneration. 

Bloom Network also has a chat server where ongoing collaboration takes place. To request to join that, email community@bloomnetwork.org.

Local Bloom Organizers Call (Monthly)

The monthly organisers call is for Bloom leaders from around the world to share wisdom, build relationships; support each other through challenges; and inspire each other ❤️

Public welcome to attend, Local Bloom Organisers only on the mic.

Monthly, last Wednesdays, 6-7pm EST

Theme Calls

Art for Transformation: Nature’s Spirit Speaks Through Art

Featuring Jon Ching and Luis Tamani!

June 21, 5pm EST

June 21, 5pm EST

Save the Nudibranchs!

Learn about the psychedelic sea slugs that live in coral reefs in an online interactive theater workshop! Over two hours, you’ll cycle through different rooms to learn about:

+ the strange biology of nudibranchs
+ the future predictions for coral reef health and what is being done about it
+ learn the nudibranch dance from our correspondent Down Under
+ and most importantly, get connected with actions you can take and groups you can participate in in order to…. Save the Nudibranchs! and care for our home planet’s oceans in general.

Sept 20, 5pm EST

Meta-theme across all calls: “Flipping the Media Narrative towards Regenerative Cultures”

The mainstream news narrative of what is happening in the world is terrifying, full of doom and destruction, casting little hope of a happy future. At Bloom Network we know there are thousands of examples around the world of people using knowledge, skills and resources to help mitigate disaster and regenerate the ecology and systems around them. Our community calls bring to light all the wonderful regenerative actions the world needs to know about and participate in.

Previous Calls

Reimagining Relationships and Family Units

January 18, 2pm Pacific

Come to a lively discussion about how society might be healthier with more diverse family units. Learn from examples happening today, and share visions that inspire you for what could be.

This is part of Bloom’s recurring theme: “Flipping the Media Narrative toward Regenerative Cultures.”

Merry Christmush Art Exchange!

Merry Christmush, bright ones. During the live call we’ll share mushroom art with each other and talk about our love for and questions about this magical kingdom (queendom? queerdom!) of nature. Call to action this month: Send mushroom art to a fellow Bloomer. Sign up for the art exchange via this blog post

December 21, 2pm Pacific

Welcome to Bloom Network’s DAO

Learn about the Bloom Network DAO and how to join. Since June Bloom participants have been learning through out year-long interactive educational series about the decentralized web. A small team has been testing smart organization software and formalizing our first phase of cooperative governance. And now we’re ready to share it with the world and invite you to play!

November 16, 2pm Pacific

Intro to Bloom

Have questions about Bloom, or want to find out what’s going on across the international community? This monthly call is our time to bring new folks up to speed.

Last Thursdays, 4-6pm Pacific

Future Economy

Learn about the DisCO framework – distributed cooperative organizations. Bloom Network is a DisCO. During this call you’ll learn what that means, and how people are approaching cooperative organizations that account for the depth of care-oriented labor that today calls for. 

With guest presenter Lisha Sterling.

October 19, 2pm Pacific

Criminal Justice Reform and Prison Abolition

This month we are taking responsibility for our own learning and diving into the many resources already available on Criminal Justice Reform and Prison Abolition. Our Community Call will be an open discussion session based on recommended attendance at “We Can Build a Better World: Exploring Abolition & Mutual Aid” and other resources. This weekly webinar series hosted by Decriminalised Futures, Abolitionist Futures, and Verso Books, during the month of September. You can watch the first discussion here.

Register for the call and check out this month’s recommended readings and actions-you-can-do list in our most recent newsletter.

September 21, 2pm Pacific

Open Mesh Platforms

Hear an update on the progress of Bloom Network’s DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), as part of DAO Rush Week organized by MetaCartel. This is part of Bloom’s year-long interactive educational series about the decentralized web.

September 2, 12pm Pacific

Bloom Buds – Casual Catch Up

Stop and smell the flowers with Bloom Network in our casual catch-up sessions. Share stories and creative endeavors from your part of the world, come together with others doing regenerative culture. This is a playful creative space!

Last Thursdays, 6-8pm Pacific

Distributed Manufacturing // Bioregional Production

This month we discuss what’s happening in the world of distributed manufacturing, and how it can support healthy bioregional economies. Guest speakers include Kevin Carson, senior fellow of the Center for a Stateless Society and author of The Desktop Regulatory State, Josephine Watson, a researcher organizing regional food system networks while pursuing a law degree and masters of environmental management, and Lorenzo Kristov who facilitates transitions to localized renewable energy grids.

August 17, 2pm Pacific

Open Mesh Platforms

Learn about what decentralized internet protocols are and how they can support more equitable and locally rooted approaches to internet platforms. This is part of Bloom’s year-long interactive video series about the decentralized web.

August 3, 12pm Pacific

Flipping the Mainstream Narrative: Alternatives to Climate Change

The phrase climate change has humanity up against several cultural walls. During this call we will host a facilitated discussion about other phrases Bloom Network could use that might achieve more effective mobilization. Things you’ll likely learn here include why restoring the hydrological cycle and the soil sponge are more comprehensive than simply carbon draw down or reducing emissions. We’ll also touch on root causes of excess emissions, such as extractive economy and colonization.

July 20, 2pm Pacific

Open Mesh Platforms

During this call, we’ll plot out next steps for the Bloom Network DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). These include a) setting up a continuous fundraiser to raise a community loan through Bloom memberships, and b) looking into creating a protocol for the types of value exchanges Bloom members want to do with each other. This is part of Bloom’s year-long interactive video series about the decentralized web.

July 6, 12pm Pacific

Burners and Bloomers

The purpose of this call is to build better relationships between Burners and Bloomers!

Roundtable featuring: Hannah Mitchell, the Community Lead with Bloom who is designing a child-friendly North Aukland Burn that honors Te Tiriti o Waitangi / The Treaty of Waitangi. Organizers from Burners Without Borders. Gordon Gossage of Regenisis Reno. More TBA.

Relevant reading: Bloom’s frame on regenerative cultures. LAGI Regenerative Land Art design competition at Fly Ranch near Black Rock City. 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap.

June 15, 2pm Pacific

Introduction to the Decentralized Web

This call will be an overall introduction to a year-long interactive video series Bloom is hosting about the decentralized web. This first call is an overall glance at what the decentralized web is, and its potential to support regenerative initiatives. Q&A Format. Featured guests: Christina Bowen, co-founder of Digital Life Collective, John Light, Head of Governance at Aragon, and more TBA.

May 18, 2-3pm Pacific

Future Economy

Learn about alternative economic systems that will enable a more regenerative, just economy.

Guest presenters include Nathan Schneider on digital cooperatives, Shavaun Evans from New Economy Coalition, and Manuel Maqueda on Circular Economy and the Meaning Economy.

April 20, 2-3pm Pacific

Distributed and Localized Production: Fashion

Guests include Lydia Wendt of California Cloth Foundry and Johanna Bodewes, eco dye enthusiast.

Meet others interested in regenerative fashion, and learn and share what you know about it. We’ll also discuss zero waste fashion and Indigenous design IP.

-Project highlight: Fibershed – clothing producers who source everything from within one’s watershed.

March 16, 6-7pm Pacific

Climate Related Disaster and Mitigation/Adaptation

This call will explore methods people are using to reduce the severity of climate-related disasters. We’ll hear from landscape and climate restoration experts, and have time for Q&A and general discussion.

Guests include Kyle Leach from Sierra Streams Institute, a representative from the Sisters of St. Joseph’s Mirabeau Water Garden in New Orleans, and more TBA.

February 17, 6-7pm Pacific

Meta-theme for 2020

“Flipping the Media Narrative towards Regenerative Cultures”

The main-stream news narrative of what is happening in the world is terrifying, full of doom and destruction, casting little hope of a happy future. At Bloom Network we know there are hundreds of examples around the world of people using knowledge, skills and resources to help mitigate disaster and regenerate the ecology and systems around them. 
This year at Bloom Network our Community Calls will focus on “Flipping the Media Narrative” and bring to light all the wonderful regenerative actions the world needs to know about.
Our main objective across all themes is to encourage 1 billion acts of regeneration.


January 20, 6-7pm Pacific

To register and receive the call login, please email us at community@bloomnetwork.org

Guest speaker Gabi Jubran, founder of Happi (Helping Awesome Parents Parent Intentionally) and Digital Wellness Collective. Introducing his metaphor of Juice and Sauce.

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