Bloom Podcast: Psychedelics Panel Discussion

Bloom Podcast: Psychedelics Panel Discussion

This episode is an insightful panel discussion about psychedelics, recorded at Imagine Festival on Orcas Island in September 2015. Moderator and panelists: Rick Ingrasi, Donna Dryer, Richard Yensen, and Magenta Ceiba. Some of the topics we touch on include the legal history of psychedelics, possibilities for intergenerational collaboration, and the different types of settings people can create for their trips. We also describe several entrypoints for receiving training in therapy for altered states. This panel is rich with wisdom and experience, and we hope you enjoy it! To stay tuned to other podcasts, media and in person events about psychedelic community integration and activism, you can sign up at for our quarterly newsletter.

We are currently searching for this audio file and will post it when we find it!

Older Podcast Episodes

Older Podcast Episodes

Here are older episodes of the Bloom podcast from when we were called Evolver Network.

From Shock to Awe

Interview with filmmaker Janine Sagert, the director of Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy, Ryan Compte, and Saj Razvi, director of Trauma Dynamics .

From Shock to Awe is a feature-length documentary that chronicles the journeys of military veterans as they seek relief from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with the help of ayahuasca, MDMA (“Ecstasy”), and cannabis. It takes an intimate look at how these substances can be used to heal our wounded warriors—and, by extension, their loved ones.

Our intention with this film is to raise awareness of the healing properties of, and help change the laws regulating, ayahuasca, MDMA, and cannabis so that these substances can be legally available for responsible use in therapeutic, and spiritual, settings—especially for veterans with PTSD. Because we believe that all vets have a right to choose their own path to healing.

Water Cycles

Interview about hydrology with Evolver Sporeganizers Andrew Stocker, a geologist from Santa Fe New Mexico, and Jacob Aman, a researcher working on toxic cleanup projects near Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley and the surrounding region. We cover:

  • How the Earth’s water cycles work
  • What dangers we face with the current ways people and governments manage waterways
  • How water management is complicated because it crosses so many legal jurisdictions
  • And we even touch on… space weather!

Part 1

Part 2

Bloom Podcast: Robin Gunkel, Bloom Baltimore

Bloom Podcast: Robin Gunkel, Bloom Baltimore

Click to hear Robin Gunkel – Mushroom City Art Festival

This episode is with Robin Gunkel, Bloom Baltimore organizer, poet, and academic advisor. We talk about her experience this past summer with a training and retreat organized by CoRenewal, called the New Moon Mycology Summit. Robin also shares about this year’s Mushroom City Art Festival and a bioremediation project that she and fellow organizers are doing in Johnston Square in Baltimore.

This quote sums up the vibe of the interview: 
“I’m seeing regenerative culture as part of grandmother culture… Seeing an interconnected thread and seeing how the work we’re doing is intergenerational. That we’re processing trauma that has been passed down to us, and we’re also building a world for future generations. Recognizing the larger mycelial tapestry that we occupy together

I hope you enjoy this beautiful mesh of an interview.

If you would like to support Robin and the civic mushroom festival she organizes, Mushroom City Art Festival, please make a donation at – (the donation link is in the footer at the bottom right).

Here are links to projects Robin refers to:

Mushroom City Art Festival
New Moon Mycology Summit, August 29 – Sept 2 2019. (check out the 2018 class descriptions!!)
Fantastic Fungi Film

Do any of you know of a resource online for learning about mycroremediation and oil spills? We’d love to include information on this in the Bloom Wiki that will go live in January. Here is one article that gives more details if you would like to nerd out about it.

Mush love,
Magenta Ceiba
Bloom Podcast host and editor

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Bloom Podcast: Jose Acosta, Bloom Los Mochis – Jan 2017

Bloom Podcast: Jose Acosta, Bloom Los Mochis – Jan 2017

Jose Acosta, lead producer with Bloom Los Mochis, Mexico describes their civic ecoparks initiative, in collaboration with local government, nonprofits and neighborhood residents.

In this conversation you’ll find:
++ Tips on organizing successful collaborations
++ An amazing example of what’s happening in local Bloom chapters
++ Insights on group governance
++ And much more!

This is the raw, unedited interview.

​You can keep up with Bloom Los Mochis’ projects on Facebook at

Podcast: Peer-to-Peer Currency 101

Podcast: Peer-to-Peer Currency 101

Our guest for this episode is John Light, a Bitcoin consultant who describes an entry level overview of Bitcoin, the blockchain, and the various applications and potentials of peer-to-peer technologies.