Diamante Bloom node receives Bloom Network Organizers in Costa Rica

Diamante Bloom node receives Bloom Network Organizers in Costa Rica

We are so excited! The Bloom Network organizers have chosen our beautiful neighborhood to host a Bloom Organizers Retreat and Bloom Birth Party as the upcoming Bloom Platform is getting ready for launch.

The retreat is taking place at one of our Diamante Bridge Collective land nodes: The exuberant Home Farm.

Home Farm Aerial View

In the middle of the retreat, our guests will participate in our Decentralized Village Open Houses event where we will share our stories and show them around our neighborhood, and see first hand the regenerative projects that we are crafting and alive!

Decentralized Village Open Houses

The touring experience will include:

  • Bamboo construction
  • Syntropic lines
  • Recycling center
  • Greywater systems
  • Free the Food planting spots


  • Opportunigy to schedule a healing sessions with members of our community
  • Storytelling Workshop with Mareesa Stertz
  • Medicine of the Matriarchs Workshop by Danibelle

Ceremony and Celebration!!

Starting the evening we will have a Cacao ceremony guided by our dear guest Abuelo Marcelino. Elder from the Bribri indigenous people. And finish with music and celebration!

Diamante Bridge Collective forms Costa Rican Asociacion Colectiva

Diamante Bridge Collective forms Costa Rican Asociacion Colectiva

The Diamante Bridge Collective has been founded as a Costa Rican Asociacion Colectiva with 28 signers of the constitution.

The constitution is in Spanish, here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wgG3S-j5q3-07TDflYYqzcWsHE2zJzR9KapCbpsrRDM/edit

Learn more about the DBC.

Crypto Training – Bloom Diamante

Crypto Training – Bloom Diamante

Diamante Bridge Collective – Crypto Training

Diamante Bloom in Costa Rica hosted a training on December 4, 2020, to teach their community how to use digital wallets, exchange crypto, and about basic tokenomics. The workshop happened at Diamante Luz.

The desired outcome was to have everyone send regular money for the workshop (cash, PayPal, Venmo) and the facilitators send participants crypto to donate on GitCoin Grants that support Diamante Bridge Collective’s goals in creating a nano nation with regional food and economic flourishing. For example, Giveth, Gaia Giveth, Bloom Network, and Commons Stack.

This was successful! 12 newbies got onboarded to Ethereum and contributed to these organizations. Diamante Bridge Collective at work! 😆 And, Bloom Network decided to replicate this event format and host a similar training on Sunday, December 13.