Fundraiser for Qwitchen

Fundraiser for Qwitchen

Qwitchen sticker
Qwitchen sticker in herb bundle at Pollination 2019

After Bloom’s first conference last year in San Francisco, we still owe the amazing catering crew $200. Will you help us make that goal, or beyond?

The Qwitchen supports radical food justice through community cooking and health food redistribution. They are currently preparing and distributing food for front-line and vulnerable people affected by the pandemic in Oakland, California and the surrounding East Bay. Qwitchen stands for queer witch kitchen. They support queer-owned farms around the Bay Area, and create food, herbal, and beauty products in ways that support queer ecologies and queer ways of caring for each other and land in community.

They are truly wonderful people. The meals they provided during Pollination: Regenerative Futures Summit nourished and inspired everyone to do the deep relationship building and collaborate intellectual work we did throughout the weekend

All amounts donated, including if we go over our goal, will go straight to their efforts.

You may also write a check. Make it out to Planetwork (they are Bloom’s fiscal sponsor), and write Bloom Network in the memo line. Mail to: Bloom Network, 855 Hanover St #1458, Manchester, NH 03014.

Regenerative Movements

List in progress! Is there a movement you’d like to see listed here? Contact us here.

Our intention with Bloom Network is not to circumscribe people into one movement or into our “brand”, but to help people find regenerative spectrum activities and groups they can participate in and contribute to, and to boost the visibility of initiatives that are doing wonderful work for all of our well-being on this planet <3.


New Economy Coalition

Ujima Project


Generation NOW

Global Climate Strike

Extinction Rebellion


Slow Food




Restorative justice

Indigenous Sovereignty

Rainforest Trust
Amazon Watch
The Guardians of the Forest

Regenerative Culture Examples

TLDR; It’s about nurturing and creativity, + circular systems that build life, as opposed to extractive ones that create sickness and inequality.


Creative Arts

P2P Economy

Global Justice

Community Health

Earth Stewardship

Sustainable Technology:

Collective Wisdom

Anti-Colonial Solidarity Primer

From the Facebook group Decolonize Consciousness / Anti-Colonial Solidarity

Below are resources that were generated during the month of November 2014 which was a month the Evolver Network had the theme of Social Justice & Decolonization ( Big thank you’s to all who shared info especially Mira Melaluca, Magenta, Absalom Nawtsamaat, Dixie Pauline, Tami and Vanessa Bui. Also thanks to Mya Geweke for collecting links from the Evolver Learning Lab.

-Sobey Wing, Evolver Network Cross Cultural Relations, Evolver So-Called Vancouver Sporeganizer


Decolonization Readings, Articles & Lectures –

Decolonization in Theory & Practice –

Poka Laenui’s Processes of Decolonization –

Harsha Walia on Anti-Oppression, Decolonization, and Responsible Allyship

Decolonization is not a MetaphorEve Tuck & K. Wayne Yang –

Decolonization is Not a Metaphor: The Basics of a Genuine Anti-Colonial Position –Ena͞emaehkiw Thupaq Kesīqnaeh  –

Terminologies of Oppression:

50 Shades of Racism by Starhawk –

SETTLER websites:

Supporting solidarity and just relationships with Indigenous peoples

Ask First, A Better Practices Guide for Indigenous Engagement

Festival Culture, Indigenous Peoples and Collective Liberation by Forward Alliance

The Symbiosis Eclipse Festival: Neo-Tribal Dance Culture Meets Tribal Reality by Mark Heley and Sobey Wing

The Headdress Thing – Festival Culture, Native Culture, and the Death of Culture by Brian Duffy

Spiritual Bypassing

Glossary of Terms…/…/01/2013_ABP_Glossary.pdf

Cultural Appropriation and Spirituality Zine/Workshops

What is cultural appropriation

Indigenous Knowledge Protection Act by Dr.Lynn Gehl, Algonquin Anishinaabe-kwe

Decolonizing the “Primitive Skills” Movement –

Everyone Calls Themselves An Ally Zine

Natural Semantic Meta Language –

Decolonizing Thanksgiving –

A Powerful Lesson About Privilege

Understanding Colonizer Status –

A collection of key resources and perspectives to aid in building relationships of integrity and respect with Indigenous peoples as well as understanding the phenomena of “whiteness”.

White Fragility…/white-people-emotions-tears/

The 8 White Identities By Barnor Hesse –

Black Lives Matter resources: (Canada)

Groups on Facebook:Native Appropriations

Decolonize Anti-Oppression

Decolonize Cascadia

Research as Ceremony: Decolonizing Ethnic Studies

Decolonizing Yoga


From Decolonization to Re-indigenization

Natanis D @ INM Indigenous People’s Conference

Memes:Practical Steps in Decolonization

What Path Do You Walk? Anti-Colonial Anarchism or Decolonization?

Videos:Decolonize Consciousness Evolver Learning Lab Recording –

DECOLONIZING THE MIND Dr. Michael Yellow Bird speaks at Portland State University, “Healing through neurodecolonization and mindfulness”

Savage Anxieties Part 1: The Doctrine of Discovery w/Robert Williams Jr., Professor of Law at the University of Arizona and member of the Lumbee Indian Tribe, an internationally acclaimed expert on First Nations rights.

Decolonization Workshop – Unist’ot’en Camp 2014 (Simple Matter Films)

TEDxOkanaganCollege – Jeannette Armstrong, PhD – Indigenization

Research Justice: Decolonizing Knowledge, Building Power explored the role of Research Justice within and across academia, tribal contexts, and grassroots organizing efforts from the local to the global. This town-hall style discussion brought together Angela Davis, Jason Ferreira, and Chief Caleen Sisk in critical dialogue about the possibilities and challenges facing scholars, tribal leaders, and community-based organizations committed to working towards Research Justice.

Time-lapse of American seizure of indigenous land, 1776-1887 –

A Time for Treason – a wide range of anti-oppressive readings compiled after Trump’s election. A reading list created by a group of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Muslim, and Jewish people who are writers, organizers, teachers, anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, and radicals.

Bloom Network Seeking Board Members

Bloom Network Seeking Board Members

Exciting news! Bloom Network is looking for new board members as we emerge from design phase to implementation. Is this you? Let us know!

Joining the Bloom Network nonprofit board is an exciting opportunity to:

  • Influence the direction of the emerging regenerative movement
  • Meet leaders from diverse industries and social movements
  • Learn innovations in finance and governance that Bloom advocates

Bloom Network’s mission is to connect and support regenerative culture makers. We produce events and media through local chapters around the world, and take action together to achieve deeper wellness for our societies, our ecologies, and our economies. Bloom Network is currently informally led by our “Wisdom Council” of experienced local organizers and our active members, so that our real on-the-ground communities inform what features and developments happen here. In 2020 we will be formalizing this legally, with your assistance.

You’ll find our strategic plan here. One of our main goals 2019-2020 is fundraising for Bloom for the first time.

Requirements will be minimal, with a quarterly board meeting attended virtually. Getting up to speed on what Bloom Network is does take an unusual amount of bandwidth at first, as we are a new kind of organization.

Ideal Bloom board members at this time represent two of the following:

  • Professional experience in either media/marketing leadership or finance leadership
  • Based outside of the U.S.
  • Experience with an early stage organization
  • Available to assist with connections to philanthropists and grants that are a good match for Bloom

If you’d like to contribute as a Bloom board member, please email a letter of interest to Please outline your experience, a few specifics of what you would like to contribute, and what communities and network connections you work with. Lastly, please include a link to your LinkedIn or CV. Thank you!

Bloom on bright ones,

Magenta Ceiba
ECO (Executive Creative Officer), Bloom Network

Bloom Podcast Ep. 6: Betti Ono Gallery, with Anyka Barber

Bloom Podcast Ep. 6: Betti Ono Gallery, with Anyka Barber

Anyka Barber is founder, director and curator of Betti Ono gallery in Oakland, California.

We reached out to Anyka in response to Betti Ono’s fundraiser to power arts, culture, and community resilience. Contribute at

Betti Ono is an experimentally minded space for art + culture + community. They are 100% Black women led and operated, dedicated to amplifying the work and voices of under-represented artists. Their vision and creative practice embody the bold, curious and unapologetic spirit of the gallery’s name-sakes Betti Mabry Davis and Yoko Ono. At Betti Ono, making art is a function of activism, community transformation, and cultural resilience.

Betti Ono Gallery on Instagram :: Facebook


Born and raised in Oakland, California Anyka Barber is a mother, an artist/activist, curator and entrepreneur.  In 2010 Anyka founded Betti Ono, a creative social enterprise and center for arts, culture, and community committed to the cultural, social, political and economic emancipation and development of low-income, immigrant, and LGBTQ communities of color. In her role as director and curator of Betti Ono, she has curated and produced more than 60 exhibitions and public programs, as well as designed and integrated art, enterprise and social impact strategy to leverage creative capital, cultural products, and networks for good. She was most recently Director of Engagement and the Center for Audience and Civic Engagement at the Oakland Museum leading the museum’s signature education and public programs teams. She was Program Officer and Fellow at The San Francisco Foundation working with the Anchoring Communities/Place team to activate more than $10M in investments to preserve the racial and cultural identity of the Bay Area, prevent the displacement of low-income and communities of color and bring greater racial and economic equity to the region.

Behind the scene, Anyka is committed to strengthening the Bay Area arts community as an arts advocate and advisor. In June 2015, Anyka initiated the formation and design of a grassroots arts action and advocacy body, the Oakland Creative Neighborhoods Coalition, whose mission is to “#KeepOaklandCreative, affordable and vibrant!” Anyka was named Most Socially Engaged Curator in 2015 and Betti Ono was nominated and voted ‘Best of the East Bay’ for the past five consecutive years 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014 by East Bay Express.

Music Credits for this episode:

Beyond the Bridge by Adam Elim

Contribute to Betti Ono Gallery in Oakland:

Visit the gallery @ 1427 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

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