nRhythm: Regenerative Organizations

nRhythm: Regenerative Organizations

by Magenta Ceiba, executive creative officer, Bloom Network

Last week I had the inspiring pleasure of speaking with the team at nRhythm, a management consulting firm that specializes in regenerative development. They work with organizations, networks, and communities. What’s special about them, and this resonates deeply with how we’ve designed Bloom Network to be, is that they look at the regenerative wellness of individual unique people in a group, as well as the group as a whole, AND its interconnection with nature, ultimately.

We are so excited to find out about another crew that is working in this way, and that they teach others to do so. They are passionate about social equality in organizational dynamics and business. Lastly, similar to how Bloom Network is set up to be a mesh of interconnected projects and crews, nRhythm sometimes also sets up these interwoven business dynamics. We respect their level of integrity and highly recommend checking out their work!

Here are upcoming opportunities to learn their framework or do an online introduction:

Regenerative Framework Trainings in May:


<< link to our future Bloom Podcast episode with the nRhythm team! >>

Blockchain for Social Justice

Blockchain for Social Justice

Blockchain for Social Justice is a collective of social justice minded individuals from various sectors coming together to support the development of blockchain projects that serve the most vulnerable. They do developer training, community education, and project design consulting. Director Daisy Ozim will be a keynote speaker at Bloom’s Pollination conference in San Francisco, 2019.

Learn more on their website:

They believe every blockchain project should be designed to uplift marginalized communities and eliminate the wealth gap, poverty, inter-generational trauma and promote true democracy within unfair institutions. 

Cryptocurrency is a tool of economic sovereignty. In order to make sure it is used as such, efforts must be made to reclaim its purpose.

Their crew hosted a conference in San Francisco in 2018. Simulation did a series of video interviews with the presenters. Listening to these is a great way to find an introduction to what is going on in cryptocurrency and some of the most interesting social equity use cases of it. Here’s the first one with McKenzie Slaughter of Beyond Capital Markets. Watch the whole series here.

Lastly, check out the B4SJ resources page to support people in accessing the tools and knowledge necessary to engage in the blockchain ecosystem.

Researching Regenerative Practises – Blog 1

Researching Regenerative Practises – Blog 1

Sparking our regeneration knowledge by collecting stories happening around the world.

Imagine transforming the survival rate of trees from 10% to 90%? The reality of reforestation work means that little tree seedlings need to withstand extreme heat, dryness and sometimes big winds, in those first few years as they establish their roots.

Without ongoing care, survival rate can be as low as 10%.

That’s where the ingenuous invention by Land Life Company comes in. The Cocoon is a doughnut shaped pot made from paper pulp that is strong and water tight. It is placed over the tree, set into the ground and filled with 25 litres of water. A lid is then placed on top, and the pot covered with soil. In windy places a structure is also wrapped around the seedling to keep it strong.

The result is a 100% nutrient-embedded, biodegradable pot providing all the things a tree needs when it’s living in a health ecosystem. As the pot decomposes, nutrients are released into the soil giving the tree extra food during the first year of planting. Success rates of plantations using The Cocoon are between 80-95%! And this all happens without ongoing care or irrigation to the site.

The Cocoon has transformed the possibilities of reforestation, and can give us an inkling on how switching into regenerative thinking will be able to transform our culture and practises.

Find out more about the Cocoon and the work of Land Life Company by listening to CEO Juriaan Ruys talking with Koen van Seijen (Senior Manager of Toniic) on the Investing in Regenerative Agriculture podcast.