With Amanda Ravenhill, executive director, Buckminster Full Institute

This workshop will present Buckminster Fuller Institute’s think tank research on ocean health indicators and initiatives that are well-positioned to repair ocean ecosystems. Followed by an invitation to participants to contribute to the Cooperative Manual for Spaceship Earth.

Comprising 1.3 billion km3 of water, the ocean is the world’s single largest ecosystem and plays a central role in supporting all life on Earth.  Our present moment finds us at a point of current suffering and loss and impending peril. Never before have we had the quality and diversity of tools for sense-making and understanding the declining state of the one world ocean and the potential approaches, strategies and techniques to restore and regenerate its health and fecundity.

There is a tremendous body of literature, science, indigenous wisdom and other ways of knowing, describing, categorizing and picturing the ocean and informing humanity of the states, processes and functions of the ocean and its impacts on all life.  Whereas none claim to be fully comprehensive, some stand out examples that are worthy of review as efforts to repair the “Seascape”