hands in a circle planting

Did you know that Bloom Network is entirely based on collaboration? Rather than circumscribing existing groups under one umbrella, Bloom members collaborate with each other to create well-being in their communities.

One way to illustrate this is to share what Bloom core team members are hosting with our Zoom account! Bloom itself hosts a monthly community call to bring together diverse movement leaders to share information and resources with each other. Hannah Mitchell, the Community Support person for Bloom who is based in Whangarei, New Zealand, hosts local Cub Scout meetings, “art church”, regional Burn events, and more. Dani Gennety, a Technology Community Relations manager with Giveth focusing on how to use technology to support grassroots causes, uses the Zoom to host everything from fundraising meetings, to a decentralized hot tub party, to knowledge shares among movement leaders, and even to help coordinate building a literal bridge.

Bloom members enjoy specially convened sessions to workshop their projects and receive peer development support from people working on similar initiatives as them, or with similar goals. Together we help each other develop ideas, be creative, and resource our projects with what they need to be effective in the world.

Truly 21st century interactive TV.

Come play! Learn about what network activities are happening each month via our email Love Letter, or register as a member to participate in the full collaboration spaces across Bloom Network.