Bloom Yuba Watershed – Community Hike and July Meetup

Greetings Bloom Yuba Watershed Community,

This Sunday, June 16 at 6:30pm we will meet at Elixart to carpool to Coyote Lookout together for a hike! Please bring snacks or dinner if you’d like to picnic at the lookout. Since it’s Father’s Day, we’ll have a loose conversation theme of talking about things we’ve learned from our fathers and grandfathers.

Next Meetup:
Wednesday, July 3 2019
Pioneer Park in Nevada City, meet by the bandshell

7pm Gather
7:30-8:15 Skillshare
8:15-9:00 Project Support Session

Skillshare: Swarm Organizing with John Light:

Swarm Organizing is a form of leadership about enabling people to do what they want, while focusing people in generally the same direction.

Following on from our last meetup where we learned the structured process tools of Sociocracy, this month we’ll learn about swarm organizing! We’ll find both helpful as we move into doing regenerative actions together.

Here are some materials if you’d like to read about swarm organizing ahead of time:

  • Rick Falkvinge’s book Swarmwise. It’s a short read if you’d like to read the whole thing this month! Rick is the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, one of 70 Pirate (Political) Parties in the world.
  • Here’s Rick giving a video presentation at the Institute for Cryptoanarchy in Prague:

Project Support: Mushrooms for Regional Wellness with Erik English

Erik is interested in catalyzing fire prevention, soil building, food sovereignty and job creation project in the Yuba Watershed based on innoculating wood chips with mushroom mycelium. He doesn’t yet directly know the people he would need to talk with to explore how this could be effective and to organize a test plot. We will also need to discuss possible drawbacks and cautions.

You can help him so far by inviting people to this meetup who are mushroom experts, fire fighters, gardeners, people who make wood chips, people who know about carbon sequestration and carbon credits, permaculture nerds, Nevada County Economic Resource Council, policy people, and anyone else you’d like to invite. It will also be important to discuss terraforming work like this with Nissenan people who have lived here for much longer, as well as make sure that regional economic benefits from this project directly contribute to their sovereignty and wellness.

Erik will give a short talk about his vision, followed by a group workshop session to talk through community insights and possible next steps.