A special experience to learn what Bloom is all about, become familiar with regenerative practices, and build relationships with people who are doing them in their homes and fields of work. 

During this 6-week program, you’ll meet people on a path similar to yours, and engage at your own pace and depth depending how much time you want to dedicate to your journey in the womb. 

Cohort 2 begins once we reach 20 registrants. Cost to attend is $60-120 sliding scale.


We’ll meet officially once a week to walk through a light-weight syllabus. In between, participants self-organize conversations to meet each other one-on-one or in smaller groups. We encourage you to come with a project or goal in mind, as you will have the opportunity to share and develop that within our time together.

The adventure culminates in a real-world weekend, where people who live near each other spend a weekend together to do hands-on projects related to their goals. For example, you might visit a goat farm together and learn how to compost, or workshop an industry-level transformation idea, or spend the weekend in silence listening to a river near you. 

The cohort application prompts you to share what project or interest area you’d like to develop during the cohort, as well as some other questions to get to know you and facilitate relationship building once we begin.


Muda Outras Economias retreat, Brazil

Pictured: Flávia Macêdo with Muda Outras Economias, a Bloom hub in Brazil


Bloom is full of brilliant, passionate people doing beautiful works at small scale and at global levels… Just like you! People keep asking: “Who else is in Bloom Network that I can connect with around this thing I’m passionate about doing”? And many people want to start building local community related to intersections of different movements, such as local food and cryptocurrencies. Bloom Womb is modeled on the KERNEL fellowship, a program that builds a network of talented individuals in the blockchain space.

What’s your dream? Come incubate it in the Bloom Womb with a brilliant community of creators and doers!

The Fifth Sacred Thing illustration, by Jessica Perlstein


Bloom Network is a global community of doers – entrepreneurs, activists, artists, executives, academics, and visionaries – gathering online and in person to dream, collaborate, and execute action plans that address humanity’s most pressing environmental and societal issues.

Still have questions? Ping us at community@bloomnetwork.org or Discord.


In regenerative cultures, people create the conditions for more life, more diversity, more resilience and anti-fragility. It is the opposite of extractive industry. Indigenous cultures tend to be regenerative wisdom keepers, and supporting their leadership is crucial.

pictured: Broadfield Enterprises Uganda, a local Bloom hub


What’s your name?

Where will you live during the cohort? (town + country) At the end of the program, you’ll meet with cohort peers near you!

What’s your passion?

Describe a project or topic that you’d like to incubate or learn about during the Bloom Womb.

What communities or specific relationships would you like to connect with during our time together?

What skills do you have that you feel are relevant to building regenerative cultures?

How did you hear about the Bloom Womb?