A couple local Bloom hubs in particular are popping off right now!

Broadfield Permaculture Uganda

  • Permaculture Arboretum Model is a forthcoming report that we are publishing through the University of Swansea in Wales. It describes the cooperative farm approach and how it achieves benefits of microclimate stabilization, food security, social repair, and economic sovereignty. Case studies and field data. By Charles Mugarura and edited by Magenta Ceiba from Bloom International.
  • Broadfield’s full project list / operational activities

Diamante Bridge Collective, Costa Rica

Updates to Bloom Network itself (also listed on our Gitcoin grant).

  • We raised $80,000 after 13 years of trying, thanks to Gitcoin and Giveth. 
  • Began development on the multi-user blogging website for local Blooms to be rewarded for contributing blog posts and action templates
  • Began engagement with Jason Wiener legal firm representatives Jacqueline Radebaugh and Yev Muchnik to set up Bloom Network’s federated cooperative structure. It will be governed by a series of DAOs (each local Bloom will have its own, and Bloom International which maintains the communications infrastructure for the network). It took us 10 years to find a legal structure that could hold our international governance model!!
  • Confirmed a Bloom Birth Party at Diamante Bridge Collective’s HOME Farm, prior to launching our call to Bloom in June when we will publicly invite people to form local Blooms.