Bloom Network’s ECO (executive creative officer), Magenta Ceiba, was recognized as one of this year’s Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Leaders, by MADcon, a global gathering of brilliant minds that are passionate about marketing.

This has been a team effort developed over thirteen years of relationship-building, creating, and sharing with each other as an international network. Many talented designers, artists and marketing brains have contributed, including:

Hannah Mitchell, Boris Iskhakov, Sobey Wing, Brandon Ancier, Meg Rivers, Maya Zuckerman,
Mira Melaluca,Jessica Perlstein, Matthew Howell, Kristin Maher, and Andrew J. O’Keefe,

as well as many local Bloom organizers whose events, art, and networking expertise connecting different social movements in their regions, all contributed to our collective sense of aesthetic and communications strategy. Together we hope to help match the huge public interest and need there is for regenerative solutions, with the tens of thousands of initiatives around the world who have been building them for decades underground and in tiny pockets of subculture.

It’s clearly time… to Bloom!

You can participate in the fun by becoming a member of Bloom as we develop our cooperative approach to this, or by contributing a donation to help us get started. While we have our strategy dialed in, we haven’t yet lept through the portal to our first round of funding to help this all pop off. Once we start having budget for staff, you will experience the most wonderful monkeywrenching marketing alternative that the world is thirsting for.