Kim Haxton is a multifaceted, multidimensional educator, rooted in knowledge and steeped in community. She is Potowatami from Wasauksing, currently based in Vancouver BC. She has worked across Turtle Island and abroad in various capacities, always emphasizing local leadership development toward genuine healing. In her work with Indigeneyez, a creative arts based organization she co-founded, Kim works with Indigenous communities toward decolonization and liberation. Grounded in the arts and the natural world for embodied awareness and facilitated rites of passage, Kim develops de-escalation skills and diversity and anti-oppression education. Kim currently leads Peace and Conflict Resolution programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo, cultivating local leadership in Congolese women who have been affected by civil war, poverty and sexual violence. Kim has developed and facilitated programs in over 8 countries, and has been working in land-based education and leadership for the past 20 years. She also free lances with different organizations doing environmental leadership, decolonization and reflection of the patterns that stop us from being authentic leaders. Kim offers consultation, healing ceremony, Group Facilitation and Leadership Development trainings world-wide.

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In this interview, we touch on:

  • Authentic vs top-down leadership
  • Relationships of reciprocity and responsibility
  • How healing and decolonization go hand in hand
  • Interrupting the narratives around race, power, socioeconomics and poverty
  • How do we trust
  • Planting seeds for people to pick up their own knowledge and pass it around, versus the stereotypical NGO model of directing money. (There is an amazing anecdote about Kim’s work in the Congo which starts at 25:46)
  • How can we emerge from the collective dream that is an illusion to dream something new together which honors the earth that we live on
  • What is the nature of divine intelligence

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