Bloom Members Portal

Welcome to Bloom Network! This page will orient you to Bloom Network’s online collaboration network tools for members. These are all places where you can contribute and self-organize collaborations.

Our code of conduct is called the Vibrant Heart of Bloom. We request that you review it and uphold it in your time with Bloom online and IRL, and please contribute to it with practices or text that you’ve found helpful for communities that collaborate in healthy ways.

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to get in touch at

Primary network tools as of 2019, to share skills, resources, and collaborate:


Share and find tools for regenerative culture, such as how-to’s, best practices, and other informational resources. The wiki is publicly viewable, and member-editable. If you’d like to contribute to the wiki, please email and request a login.

Video Calls

Pollination attendees and Bloom Network members have the opportunity to submit requests for specific trainings or dialogues, or offer to teach or facilitate them. Hosted via Zoom. These calls support networking across existing initiatives and people.

Submit a request or offering to do a video call about a specific topic here:

Global Change Collective

As part of our mission to more effectively collaborate so we can regenerate our planet, we invite you to join the Global Change Collective (GCC). This will be the primary online networking tool we use, focused on practical collaboration and supporting each other in action.

  • Request access here – GCC Sign Up
  • Within a few days of that, you will then receive an email confirming your access, with a link to complete your profile.
  • Fully complete your profile following the step by step prompts and tips
    ****Make sure you tag yourself under ‘Member Organisation’ as a ‘Bloom Network’ member so that we can find you
  • The best way to learn how to use it is to post a question related to a project you’re working on, or interact with an existing question or project posted. We’ve found that it takes a few sessions of surfing around and engaging to get used to it – it’s deceptively simple but there is a lot of functionality.
    • If you want to digest a detailed walk-through, we’ve recorded one here – we plan to make several smaller videos from it.

What is the GCC? The Global Change Collective is an AI powered digital network connecting thought leaders, influencers and senior professionals from around the world passionate about preserving our planet. Several networks in addition to Bloom Network will be present here, working on climate change and all its interconnected issues.

The advanced AI matching technology intelligently maps people within the platform based on their skills and expertise. So now you can ask questions of the GCC network, create projects, post events, and instantly be matched to the right people with the right knowledge to help you.

By signing up to the GCC you will be able to intelligently search for and connect with other Bloom Network members and collaborate online.

The software the GCC uses is called ProFinda – originally developed for large corporations to match talent across departments and locations, several of their employees decided to apply it to multiple global networks focused on climate change and all its interconnected issues.

Top tips:

  • Fully complete your profile as best you can. The more information about you, your expertise and knowledge you include on your profile the easier it will be for you to match with people and projects relevant to you.
  • Post questions and engage with others regularly. The system continues to learn what is relevant to you based on the questions you ask and the tasks you match to, so the more you interact the more effectively you can match to people and projects you want to find.
  • Be the change you want to see. The GCC is a space for proactive people from varying backgrounds around the world to share knowledge and collaborate more effectively than has ever been possible before. All we ask is that you seek to engage with your fellow peers with respect and actively drive positive change.

Integrating across these tools:

From conversations within the Global Change Collective, you may find that you want to add a wiki post to Bloom Network’s main site for a more public set of people to access. You may also find that you’d like to jump into a deeper conversation with people or offer an online skillshare. Please utilize the wiki and video calls to support your passions!

As we build development capacity we will build an integrated portal between these tools and more. Thank you for your patience with the manual toggling between them for now!

Welcome to this incredible creative community of regenerative culture makers, and we look forward to collaborating with you!