Bloom CoMO

Columbia, Missouri

Bloom Columbia, Missouri (CoMO) has received approval to submit a proposal to a diverse city middle school to beautify two sad grey courtyards. Underutilized by students and staff, a home for bees, and a smattering of natural plants stewarded by a science teacher, it leaves everything to the imagination. We want to glorify and preserve the bees while making it a space that safely inspires. We also plan to connect a local musician’s program with a stage for the children to hear on their morning walk throughs in the courtyards. The children are not generally allowed to linger due to safety concerns – but we can teach children how simple it is to be responsible for changing the view.

Proposal includes a dreaming exercise with staff and students that says:

The walled garden is bereft of sun
but we can bring the sun into places.
There are 4 walls in your courtyards,
and a sidewalk.
What colors, shapes, sculpture, flowers
plants, trees, scenes, things that hang, or paintings,
would you love to see out the window
and remember when you pass by?

Lead organizer: Meg Rivers, recognized as one of the world’s best cloud computing software trainers, and Bloom’s CIO (chief information officer). She’s also a multimedia artist, musician, and independent researcher.