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What does it look like if healthy, mutually nourishing relationships are at the core of a network? Let’s build that! Our long-term goal is to make Bloom Network a regenerative cooperative for its participants and our ecosystems. We’ll be formalizing this at our governance hackathon at Pollination 2019, but for now it happens through direct dialogue and collaboration. As we build financial capacity, our intention is to collectively direct resources to local chapter actions and projects as advised by our community stakeholders.

Online Network Features

Bloom members use the following online tools to collaborate and share resources, as well as facilitate deeper networking and effective action.

Global Change Collective: an AI powered digital network connecting thought leaders, influencers and senior professionals from around the world passionate about preserving our planet.

The advanced AI matching technology intelligently maps people within the platform based on their skills and expertise. So now you can ask questions of the GCC network, create projects, post events, and instantly be matched to the right people with the right knowledge to help you.

Bloom members can intelligently search for and collaborate with each other, as well as members of other social change networks. We chose this tool so that our social networking is anchored in practical action.

Bloom Network wiki: Share and find tools for regenerative culture, such as how-to’s, best practices, and other informational resources. The wiki is publicly viewable, and member-editable.

Video calls: Curated and self-organized group video sessions support networking across existing initiatives and people. Pollination attendees and Bloom Network members have the opportunity to submit requests for specific trainings or dialogues, and offer to teach or facilitate them. We can also use this in more creative ways! Hosted via Zoom.

View a walkthrough here to see how we use these tools to share wisdom and resources!

Filmmakers Jason Fitzroy Jeffers and Rachelle Salnave at the Miami Book Fair International, 2014.

Bloom Events

  • $40 discount on Bloom Pollination tickets (Bloom’s annual festival of regenerative culture)
  • Hackathon entrance at Pollination – for those wanting to develop the peer-to-peer governance structure of Bloom, partnered with Aragon

Publicity Perks

  • $50/month and above: Acknowledgement as a Bloom supporter on our members page (optional).

Public resources to support regenerative culture:

  • Bloom Community News via email, featuring tangible resources and inspiration for regenerative culture makers
  • Blogs and podcasts on international regenerative activity and stories from Local Bloom Chapters.
  • Quarterly themes to focus our regenerative attention.
  • Bloom Network Calendar of events and network activities
  • Wiki of regenerative culture solutions (member-editable, publicly viewable)

Become a Member

Bloom’s online network for international collaboration is now live, as of February 12, 2019.

You’re encouraged to contribute at the higher monthly memberships if it’s within your means to do so. We will offer scholarships when we have financial capacity to do so.