Join 1 of 3 Bloom Projects on Hylo

Join 1 of 3 Bloom Projects on Hylo

Want to apply your beautiful brain to creating regenerative cultures? Bloom is hosting three main collaborations, with a coordination base in Hylo. Jump in by becoming a member of Bloom for a small monthly fee, which goes towards these regenerative projects.

Please choose to focus on one topic. Your assistance is imperative.

2) Open Mesh Platforms – Next Generation Internet

New technologies are coming together to build a web not constrained by industry and owned in the commons. Put your heads together and enable this reality for Bloom and others. Read more detail here.

2) Rebranding Climate Change towards Consensus

A quiet and disruptive discussion on how to change tired political narratives of climate change (the climate’s always changing!) and global warming (how’s this freeze eh?). Help craft a new mainstream narrative with irrefutable language and photographic evidence that changes the course of human history towards a healthy biosphere and accelerated evolution.

Picture from ”The Story of Plastic”

3) Beautify the Commons with your Bloom

Is there a forgotten, forlorn, or underutilized space in your town, school, area, neighborhood, barn, home, or lighthouse? Start your Bloom by pulling together a team to radically beautify a neglected space.

Bloom Network CoMO (Columbia, Missouri) is proposing to a diverse city middle school to beautify two sad grey courtyards. Littered with trash, a home for bees, and a smattering of natural plants stewarded by a science teacher, it leaves everything to the imagination. We want to glorify and preserve the bees while making it a space that safely inspires. We also plan to connect a local musician’s program with a stage for the children to hear on their morning walk throughs in the courtyards. The children are not generally allowed to linger due to fights – but we can teach children how simple it is to be responsible for changing the view.

Proposal includes a dreaming exercise with staff and students that says:

The walled garden is bereft of sun
but we can bring the sun into places.
There are 4 walls in your courtyards,
and a sidewalk.
What colors, shapes, sculpture, flowers
plants, trees, scenes, things that hang, or paintings,
would you love to see out the window
and remember when you pass by?

We repeat… Your assistance is imperative! These are the paths towards the world we want to live in and it’s going to require all of our heads to find the way. So join these conversations by becoming a member of Bloom and help craft the future.