Local Bloom Report: Southern Nicoya Peninsula – April 2018

Local Bloom Report: Southern Nicoya Peninsula – April 2018

By Janine Jordan, Local Bloom Lead

​Hear ye hear ye and hello from the Southern Nicoya Peninsula Bloom in Costa Rica.  This is the first Green Wave Bloom Report.

It is summer here in our part of the world, but the May rains are coming soon and we can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by so far.  

This year has been busy with unplanned happenings, and those that have not gone as planned.  We were hoping to have an inaugural event at The Green Wave house (eco-show home, mini-permaculture farm, and Green Wave office) this past month.  However the main farm opened up a restaurant for the surrounding community called Wonderland.

To better collaborate, we have decided we will hold showings at the house but move “events” over the Wonderland as it has more ideal entertaining space.  However, Wonderland had plans of their own.  Our lovely community restaurant wanted to throw an awareness event and fundraiser for a local project around the same time we were hoping to have “Sera Luz”.  So our event has been temporarily stalled as we wait for the owners to return from vacation as they left immediately after the last event.  Sera Luz is to be an annual event that ideally takes place close to Equinox to celebrate cycles and to honor one of our ex-workers who was killed from a drunk driver who did not see him on his non-reflective bike.  The event will be open format and change yearly but part of the event will be a collection drive of reflective sashes that can be distributed as a random act of kindness to community members we see that do not have reflective elements to clothing or bikes as they ride along the roads.  Sera Luz means “be a light” and that is what we hope to inspire in our community is for people to approach life with creative solutions to the problems we face in our world.

We have had three official visits to the Green Wave House.  In January we hosted a women’s retreat intentional seed planting activation with a nonprofit organization called Groundswell while just weeks ago we had about 30 kids from the Playa Hermosa school come by to check out the solar carport and 100% veggie car!  We recently found out how good we have been doing on our power.  We are producing more than we use.  Our bill is around $5.  Ken says “It’s as if we have a meter and no one lives here.”

Green Wave House also hosted a tour for two members of Futuro Verde school who are looking to integrate permaculture philosophy into their already holistic environmental education at the school.  Due to this visit, Green Wave is working with another organization, Escuela de la Jungla, to create a permaculture integration plan for Futuro Verde.  Small step implementation of that plan will hopefully begin in May of the year on or around International Permaculture Day.  First steps of this integration will include the creation of a seed bank (some seeds have already been gifted to the school from the Green Wave House seed bank).

Other Green Wave happenings:

Green Wave has inspired partner project Wild Sun rescue to start an ecobrick program and we are excited to introduce this to Futuro Verde as well (which will be presented in their permaculture plan).  We will be helping develop a volunteer and guest guide that will include information about this new program.

Green Wave House hosts weekly “movie night” first come first serve to our community (due to limited space in our small, eco home).  We are giving away surplus fruit on these nights or other farm goods.  On this last movie night, attendees received Ken’s new jam (made of cashew fruit).  Receivers of jams or medicines understand we have a recycling policy on containers.  Next week we expect to give out dried herb bundles for smudging made of clove basil and Costa Rican wild sage.

Green Wave House has been collecting seeds from our farm and sharing seeds with our community members.  So far Green Wave House has gifted small seed bank starting kits to:

  • Futuro Verde
  • Wild Sun
  • Escuela de La Jungla
  • Super Mario (local mini-market)
  • Private residences

Outside of Costa Rica, Green Wave has the online community of Electronic Music Alliance.  We are proud to announce that we are officially challenging our industry to take part in a “Trash Challenge” this year.  We are in the last round of the naming phase but challenge announcement, guidelines, and submissions will open during Earth Week.  We are currently looking for media sponsors from the industry or even green blog support.  We may have some other projects we will share with the Bloom community when they are ready for either feedback or potential support.

That’s the update folks.  Thanks for reading.  Over, out, and beyond and through.  Take time to talk to flowers.

This article is Bloom Creative Commons
Share alike with attribution to Janine Jordan and Green Wave

Opportunity to join the Bloom team

Bloom Summit Sponsorship Executive Role Description
​Bay Area, California

Bloom Network is producing a conference in San Francisco in September to bring regenerative culture leaders together to collaborate on solutions to common problems, share ideas and resources, and inspire each other.

Our production team is an experienced crew of large-scale conference and festival producers, and we’re looking for an experienced sponsorship executive to join the team. You can read more about Bloom Network’s mission and culture on our about page.

The conference will be an immersive, participatory event featuring think tanks, interactive art and healing, the formation of working groups that will have the support of an incubation team post-conference, and a marketplace featuring regenerative solutions among Bloom’s 7 key focus areas: collective wisdom, global equity, community health, the creative arts, sustainable technology, peer-to-peer economy, and earth stewardship. There will also be a governance hackathon, delicious food, celebration and more!

The role of the Bloom Summit Sponsorship Executive will involve overseeing the sponsorship and exhibition sales strategy and execution for the Bloom Summit event, including:

  • Taking the prepared sponsorship briefs and working with the event producer towards developing a sponsorship and exhibition strategy based on clear KPIs
  • Working with the event producer and graphic designer to design tailored sponsorship collateral and agreements and ensuring that this collateral is complete for our needs
  • Generating sponsor lead target lists and working through phone based and in person outreach with lead targets
  • Ensuring that sponsorship revenue meets or exceeds targeted KPIs
  • Connecting all confirmed sponsors and exhibitors with the sponsorship logistics manager for ongoing event management and working in partnership with the sponsorship logistics manager to ensure that all needs are met
  • Handling any sponsor and exhibitor related enquiries throughout the duration of the event production cycle, maintaining positive relationships with current and potential sponsors and exhibitors
  • Acting as one of the main points of contact for sponsors and exhibitors at events onsite to handle sponsor liaison and foster strong client relationships

This role will be compensated with a 10% commission and $20/hour, with the Bloom Summit targeting over US$350,000 in sponsorship and exhibitor revenue. There would be the opportunity to earn up to US$35,000 in commission meeting targeted KPIs, and significantly more if these KPIs are exceeded.

To apply, please send a cover letter telling us why you’re a perfect fit for this role, along with your resume to community@bloomnetwork.org

Tech Tools for Cross-Organization Collaboration

Over years of working on grassroots and multi-sector community networks, I’ve found a common need for online collaboration tools, yet no solution that exactly fits the need. I’ve been watching the development of various platforms: Hylo, xPollinators, Scuttlebutt, WeCo… But nothing yet has all the functionality we need. This September, Bloom is producing a conference and think tank in San Francisco, which will begin the coordination of international working groups focused on regenerative culture solutions. For this, I actually have to solve the online collaboration problem, now. I think I can string together what we need using a few different cloud software tools. Eventually I would like to see this solution packaged into one thing. 

We need to be able to collaborate across different organizations, and generally the tools we need are a mash-up of CRM, project management suite, and social networking, along with a public-facing wiki for groups to share documentation and resources.

I thought I’d share my research process, since I know many organizations who would also like a solution to this problem. Below are the tools I am currently researching, with the goal of bringing a proposal to our team next Friday, January 19.

Do you work in a community that has a good online collaboration setup? What do you use and why do you like it? Please let me know.

Thank you,
​Magenta Ceiba

Decentralized Collaboration Platforms:


Collective One



(stalled/stopped development?)


Features we need: Profiles that are searchable by: role, industry, interest…

CrossPollinators – local organization matchmaking

Etouches – event registration and networking

ProFinda – very API integratable 🙂

Pathable – event networking

Brella – event networking

Bizzabo – event networking


Huddle – document collaboration

Team Communications:

We currently use Slack

Rocket Chat


Github – collaborative software development tool

Project Management







Aragon‘s wiki design is my favorite so far (apparently it’s via Github). We might go with their governance software for our decentralized global governance.
+ their whitepaper: http://wiki.aragon.one/documentation/whitepaper/

I also like this layout, and their company structure: Weco

General Resources for Open Value Networks

Good overview of commons based peer production

Great open value network focussed wiki

Amazing wiki on Open Company formats

Bloom Podcast: Robin Gunkel, Bloom Baltimore

Bloom Podcast: Robin Gunkel, Bloom Baltimore

Click to hear Robin Gunkel – Mushroom City Art Festival

This episode is with Robin Gunkel, Bloom Baltimore organizer, poet, and academic advisor. We talk about her experience this past summer with a training and retreat organized by CoRenewal, called the New Moon Mycology Summit. Robin also shares about this year’s Mushroom City Art Festival and a bioremediation project that she and fellow organizers are doing in Johnston Square in Baltimore.

This quote sums up the vibe of the interview: 
“I’m seeing regenerative culture as part of grandmother culture… Seeing an interconnected thread and seeing how the work we’re doing is intergenerational. That we’re processing trauma that has been passed down to us, and we’re also building a world for future generations. Recognizing the larger mycelial tapestry that we occupy together

I hope you enjoy this beautiful mesh of an interview.

If you would like to support Robin and the civic mushroom festival she organizes, Mushroom City Art Festival, please make a donation at http://mushroomcityartfestival.org/ – (the donation link is in the footer at the bottom right).

Here are links to projects Robin refers to:

Mushroom City Art Festival
New Moon Mycology Summit, August 29 – Sept 2 2019. (check out the 2018 class descriptions!!)
Fantastic Fungi Film

Do any of you know of a resource online for learning about mycroremediation and oil spills? We’d love to include information on this in the Bloom Wiki that will go live in January. Here is one article that gives more details if you would like to nerd out about it.

Mush love,
Magenta Ceiba
Bloom Podcast host and editor

Music credits:
Beyond the Bridge, Adam Elim
Bloom, MaMuse

Bloom Baltimore: Mushroom City Art Festival 2017

Bloom Baltimore: Mushroom City Art Festival 2017


Every year Bloom organizer Robin Gunkel in Baltimore, Maryland produces a festival all about mushrooms. Thanks to support from Free Fall Baltimore and the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks.

With both a focus on personal and planetary healing, Mushroom City Art Festival is an informative and interactive exploration of mushrooms with foraging, identification, cultivation, and psilocybin research all part of the event. Sculptures and paintings inspired by this mysterious, mycelial life form are featured alongside hands on workshops and educational discussions revealing the many real world applications for mushroom cultivation in contemporary urban life.

You can get involved through these platforms: Mushroom City’s Website :: Facebook

Here’s what Robin had to say after the event: Mushroom City went really well yesterday, and I am so excited for the conversations and connections. I feel like I’m just starting to see what a Bloom Network vision can look like. This needs servant leaders working to empower others, and I am perceiving how community can form around regenerative culture through cultivating fungi and beginning to address local ecological challenges. Wouldn’t it be amazing to start a mycoremediation collective that works on the pollution of the Jones Falls? In a discussion on regenerative culture yesterday after my talk, I was so blown away by people’s visions for bioremediation but also sharing themselves and their spiritual connection to nature. It was amazing, and I heard in what folks were sharing, their own overcoming of fear for the projects that they wish to take on, which resonated so deeply. I’m rocking up to similar place in myself in overcoming fear, where former perceptions of who I am and what I am good at must transform. It’s time to develop a deeper knowledge and relationship with fungi. Mycoremediation (using fungi for environmental clean up) I believe is the right relationship to grow right now. The environmental crisis and atomization of our communities is rooted in a breakdown of relationships. The step forward is in rebuilding relationships with each other but also with the natural world and the powerful allies and elders of the natural world. This is a lot to encapsulate in a post, but I am feeling inspired and seeing new connections, new projects, new relationships, new paths forward and a wide and connected network!

Photos from this year’s festival

The Workshops

Family Fun

Music and Art

Local Makers

What People Have to Say About
Mushroom City Art Festival

“Just wanted to say how much fun I had at Mushroom City. Robin Gunkel you are really creating something magical and important for ecological awareness, education and so much more. I really had a blast jamming near the tea fire. Everything in the chapel was amazing. The nature walk with Eric Joseph Lewis I learned so much. I was a little proud of myself for spotting the lions mane we already knew was there. Folks who were there for the walk I know you feel me when I say BASSWOOD!!!! It was my first time seeing Darsombra but not the last. Thank you to everyone.”
-Ian Hesford

“I absolutely loved Mushroom City this year, and every year for that matter, and this experience is the same experience I want for Figment Baltimore! Would anyone/everyone that contribute to the awesomeness of Mushroom City be willing to replicate that awesomeness (if at all possible) at Figment Baltimore next summer?”
– Steph Comp

“Thanks so much to Robin for such a lovely, informative, entertaining and fun-filled event! I enjoyed the opportunity to layer some psychedelic sounds into the ambiance and also to see so many great friends!! ^_^” 
– Woody Lissauer

“Many thanks to everyone who came out and contributed. Shout out to Michael Weese for spotting that globifomes graveolens, Rimas Cikotas for guiding us out to the lions mane, Alex Dorr for sharing the mycophilosophy and remediation inspiration, and to William Padilla-Brown for giving us the download on cordyceps. It was quite a pleasure to share a plant walk and connect with good family new and old. To anyone who enjoyed the yoga of plants feel free to add me and keep in touch. Mush love family.”
Eric Joseph Lewis

“Thank you everyone for a wonderful day yesterday. Between hearing the talks, seeing the log workshop in action, feeling the vibes by the gazebo and vendors that felt like a village, it was true magic! Dan’s fire and shiitake tea, Stevie’s stitching station, the collaborative mycelial pyramid, and Ryan and Justin’s seesaw embraced by the children all added an integral piece to this co-created space! Tom’s igloo at the bottom of the field was a destination of stillness and reflection, and the art trail and forays took us deeper into nature. Thank you all who came to the festival yesterday!! We’re so happy for how it turned out and to host all of you! <3”
-Robin Gunkel

“Thank you all again for a great festival last weekend, and I would like to invite anyone who is interested in helping to organize next year’s festival to reach out to mushroomcityartfestival@gmail.com I always emphasize the we because the festival could never be done without everyone’s involvement. At the same time, the festival has been primarily organized by 1 person, me (and also Ryan Smith coordinating music). With now a new job and a research course that I will be taking for my PhD program next fall, in order for Mushroom City to happen next year, there needs to be more organizers 🙂 So, if you’re interested in coordinating vendors, curating art, publicity, organizing volunteers etc. please get in touch, so Mushroom City can make the next level up into a community organized festival!!”
-Robin Gunkel