Bloom DAO Governance Whitepaper

Bloom DAO Governance Whitepaper

Announcing Bloom DAO’s governance whitepaper. This paper summarizes 15 years of research and development across the global Bloom Network, with many contributions from local Bloom leaders and related movement leaders working to create equitable, regenerative societies.

This document will help us create our DAO in connection with our Colorado Limited Cooperative Association, so that members of Bloom Network can govern the development of the social media platform and how we apply our finances to support bioregional regeneration across all local Bloom hubs.

We’ve broken it into three parts to make it easier to read: Bioregional Governance, DAO Governance, Regenerative Economic Protocol.

You’ll be able to join the Bloom social network around September 2022. Until then you can support with donations or as a supporting member.

Preview of Bloom Network’s forthcoming platform

Preview of Bloom Network’s forthcoming platform

Thanks to our supporters on Gitcoin and Giveth, Bloom is now 3/4 complete with the social platform our community needs to connect with each other and the public. Here’s a preview of what it includes!

Public Features:

  • Find your local Bloom to participate in regenerative actions near you
  • Templates for regenerative actions that you can do in your home, neighborhood, and bioregion
  • Blogs telling the stories of local Bloom projects and community building
  • Start a local Bloom – people who want to form a local community can follow an easy application process. Automated steps give them resources to start their first events and choose a project.
a dashboard showing a greywater installation project

Member Features:

You can become a member of Bloom by registering to pay a monthly member fee. This gives you access to a community of like-minded creative doers, to build value together and actively care for your communities.

friendly welcome page with flowers and purple nebula

Patronage token. Log regenerative actions you do, receive Bloom tokens. Your voting weight in your local Bloom DAO is weighted according to the actions you did in your community. As Bloom becomes profitable, at the end of the year all Bloom members receive dividends proportional to their token holdings. You may also give your Bloom tokens to other Bloom members in exchange for services you might not otherwise spend money on, and they’ll in turn receive the year-end dividend. We hope this will become a way to circulate care for one another and develop more creative systems of valuing each other.

Chat with fellow Bloom members using Matrix. The chat is hosted within Bloom’s url instead of a noisy place like Discord or Facebook. It also bridges with WhatsApp and Discord where there are local Bloom DAOs who primarily use those chat tools.

Member profiles. Find fellow Bloomers and collaborate. Profiles are portable, which means you can use your profile across other websites and not have to enter new one for every network you’re part of. How does that work? We use Ceramic protocol, which allows you to own your profile data. We interoperate with MyMeta by MetaGame, which helps other platforms adopt this profile system for share goals of real world collaboration.

a profile on bloom's website, dark purple colors, soft and cosmic

Members of Bloom Network can vote on platform features and participate in their local DAO.

Once we have the platform up and ready we will begin populating it with templates written by local Blooms organizers, thanks to a grant from the Lush Spring Prize!

And then we will announce our Call to Bloom, to invite people all over the world to start local Bloom DAOs or join existing ones.

With love from our gardens to yours,
Bloom International

Diamante Bridge Collective forms Costa Rican Asociacion Colectiva

Diamante Bridge Collective forms Costa Rican Asociacion Colectiva

The Diamante Bridge Collective has been founded as a Costa Rican Asociacion Colectiva with 28 signers of the constitution.

The constitution is in Spanish, here:

Learn more about the DBC.

Financial Report, Gitcoin Grants Round 12

Gitcoin Grants Listing for Bloom Network

How were the funds allocated?

$2200 Hannah Mitchell, facilitating the first Bloom Womb Pod to incubate regenerative projects

$7000 Magenta Ceiba, DAO governance and tokenomics

$20,000 Dustin and Danielle Kieb of Brainfog, website development

$4,000  Jacqueline Radebaugh and Yev Muchnik legal deposit for forming our federated cooperative with DAO governance

$10,000 Magenta Ceiba, website UI/UX

$1000 Alina Beckerman, reimbursement for venue costs of our 2019 Pollination hackathon in SF

$11,000 earmarked for remainder of DAO / federated cooperative formation

$20,000 earmarked for remainder of website development

Total $75,200

What has happened with your project since the last round?

Our goal with GR12 was to raise enough funds to implement Web3 tools to empower our community to financially collaborate across borders! And thanks to your generosity we were successful. Since GR12 we have shifted into development mode!

  • Began development on our multi-user blogging website. This empowers local Blooms to be rewarded for contributing blog posts and action templates, using MyMeta by MetaGame. It also provides more visibility for projects on the ground that don’t themselves have large social media reach. 
  • Completed the site architecture, milestones, and all page wireframes for desktop and mobile.
  • Completed infrastructure and core services, navigation, and landing page (imagine you had a timeline that was only about on-the-ground regenerative projects and how to participate in them. That’s Bloom’s landing page.)
  • Confirmed engagement with Jason Wiener legal firm representatives Jacqueline Radebaugh and Yev Muchnik to set up Bloom Network’s federated cooperative structure. It will be governed by a series of DAOs (each local Bloom will have its own, and Bloom International which maintains the communications infrastructure for the network). It took us 10 years to find a legal structure that could hold our international governance model!! We’re excited to be working with an all-female team on this.
  • Identified an alternate solution to Discord which our community is not sticking to. This should work for other communities struggling with Discord as well. It will be matrix chat running on our website, connected with WhatsApp and other channels where local chapters are, and integrated with sign-on to our blogging site and MyMeta profiles.
  • Confirmed a Bloom Birth Party at Diamante Bridge Collective’s HOME Farm, prior to launching our call to Bloom in June when we will publicly invite people to form local Blooms. We will also do a mixer with Diamante Bridge Collective to bring local Bloom leaders from other countries to experience the farthest along local Bloom.
  • Networking with the ReFi movement to communicate our experience of what grassroots communities need support with, in order to bring their carbon sequestration and social benefit activities online to the various ReFi protocols.

Gitcoin Grants Listing for Bloom Network