Please review the application and inquiry forms below to explore various opportunities for participation at Pollination 2019 beyond registration as a delegate.

Pollination is a Fully Participatory Event, creating an experience together for mutual benefit.
“Comps” are few and far between, opting for a system of equal energetic exchange and an at-cost non-profit production model.

2019 serves the initial incarnation of the Pollination event; as we build financial capacity through initial ticket sales, partnerships, and funding programs, we will begin to offer scholarship tickets, artist grants, and creative ways of pooling our diverse forms of capital for mutual benefit! (Expanding development of our decentralized, fully transparent financial model is also a topic of our upcoming Governance Hackathon)

If you are called to participate and finances are your primary barrier, we encourage you to experiment with CrowdFunding technology as an initial solution to source funding from the community you wish to serve with the tools acquired at Pollination.

If you are interested in supporting low-income regenerative culture makers by funding a scholarship ticket, purchase your delegate pass at the Innovator tier during Registration. Purchasing at the Innovator tier fully funds one additional delegate participation in Pollination 2019 and supports access to regenerative culture innovation to all sectors of human society.

Bloom Pollination Partner Form

(use this form for Financial Sponsors, Media Partners, Program-Related Collaboration, Multi-Capital Exchange, and anything else that just doesn’t seem to fit into any of the other application forms!)

Want to bring your art, VR/AR experience, film, or performance to Pollination 2019?

Art and Film Application

Are you hosting a related event in the Bay Area during Pollination 2019 (or immediately before/after) that you would like to connect to Pollination for collaborative training or coordinated action?

Register a co-located event HERE.

We have extremely limited Volunteer opportunities in 2019.

We do not have capacity this year to deal in significant ticket trade or work trade arrangements in order to participate in Pollination. As our organizational scale and length of the event grow over time, our Volunteer opportunities will expand alongside it. We are committed to making a block of free tickets available as we build financial capacity, prioritizing marginalized and economically disadvantaged individuals.

Enter your email to the Bloom Network list here to be notified of opportunities.*

*We highly recommend purchasing a delegate pass as soon as possible to ensure you can purchase at the lowest available pricing tier. As our capacity grows, we can easily refund a portion of your registration fee.