Cover image: The Fifth Sacred Thing by Jessica Perlstein

Bloom Network has been developing some infrastructure for regenerative initiatives and communities/networks to share resources and wisdom with each other. It is peer-led by local chapter leaders on the ground who are community organizers attuned to many different communities in their regions. They produce events and media to help the broader public find what is happening and participate in regenerative culture.

Over the coming months, we’ll be implementing social media features online including a wiki for people to share best practices and find who is working on what in the regenerative culture area they’re interested in, interactive webcasts for networking and resource sharing, etc. You can connect via our website at, and attend our conference, HiveMind, in San Francisco this fall. HiveMind is focused on collaborative action coordination. 

We’re mostly designed to help scale up what is working well, and better connect regenerative culture makers across different sectors or movements so we can more quickly address climate change, divest/invest, etc.